Feng Shui Court mahogany hand-carved cinnabar lightning mantra prayer beads bracelet | male and female couple bracelets

Feng Shui Court mahogany hand-carved cinnabar lightning mantra prayer beads bracelet | male and female couple bracelets

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2013 spring and summer
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Material: Other
  • Color Classification: 8mm thin female models W9706N1 10mm standard male and female models female models W9706N2 13mm W9706N3 15mm domineering men W9706N4 8mm cinnabar paragraph W9706N8 10mm cinnabar cinnabar paragraph shall W9706N9 13mm W9706N7 15mm cinnabar cinnabar paragraph W9706N5 18mm models W9706N6
  • Brand: Feng Shui Court
  • Applicable gender: Couples
  • Pattern: Other
  • Style: National Wind
  • Whether the spot: Spot
  • Mosaic Material: Unmounted
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 51-100 yuan
  • Strange new: freshly baked
  • Product Number: W9706

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Peach also called 'fairy wood', 'Dragon wood' 'ghost fear wood' ancient mahogany blame 'town house from evil spirits, evil Hannaford' is said is "a symbol of well-being and longevity, is the use of a more extensive system of generation of evil ghost materials ancients said: 'cherry wood, fine five wood also, so subdue evil who is also fine raw mahogany the ghost door, made imperial ghosts' it is now used as the internal mahogany products with room to pressure the evil, this fairy wood. "Ci Yuan" election ancient peach wood mahogany people, stand households to ward off evil.
Saying peach

Peach Hill are a large peach tree, bent plate Trinidad, there Rooster crowing, God performed under two reed Ying, to kill a ghost ominous, then cut the Han people stand in indoor and outdoor mahogany carved peach or printed on the door to ward off evil Hannaford. mahogany past been given magical powers, as people pray for peace and happiness totem, therefore Kingdoms many beautiful story, God has a peach garden, the garden has a peach blossom three thousand, three thousand a result, a food can increase longevity six hundred years old, which has been hailed as a symbol of longevity peach.
Legend dominate human life Nanjixianweng Pocket always holding a huge peach, so have peach longevity said.

Legend mahogany evil of
Legend of the East China Sea after a seat moon mountain, the mountain has 72 holes, hole out Yaoxie, demons do people live no peace, no security in years, the matter of the East China Sea is known moon god mountain soil, the gods Windrider , they stick with peach, peach branches hit Yaoxie dead, injured injuries, fled to escape. Yaoxie to prevent the resurgence of the gods, put God into the legal system with mahogany Taomu Jian applied to people, hanging on concierge, seeing ghosts and goblins scared to death. Since then, people have been peaceful, mahogany evil folklore also up.

Taomu Crafts features: Red, gray, black knots and more, split leather, wood texture clear and shades. Setsuko and crafts with mahogany shades and textures of the popular welcome of local people, the original ancient luck steadily high of auspicious meaning . Peach drawn very difficult because, generally greater than 2 cm mahogany cherry wood crafts are multi-block mosaic, rather than a single piece of mahogany! adds to the festive connotation meaning luck steadily high, which is the feng shui Taomu Crafts loved by the people of reason!

1, the first time wearing the 7:00 to 9:00 between.
2, do not let outsiders touch, except for immediate family members of human relationships.
3. In case of careless dirt, water, etc. in case of touch others, or need to be cleaned and degaussing methods are: degaussing main wash with brine, (note; do not use bleach, toothpaste, soap, etc.), and then at 11 time to 13:00 pm and drying one hour. (11:00 to 13:00 belong to noon, noon is the yang very moment).