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TER dehumidifier dehumidifier home bedroom mute basement industrial high power suction moisture machine drying clothes machine

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: ter T-CS10
  • Brand: ter
  • Model: T-CS10
  • Maximum daily dehumidification capacity: 1L / h
  • Tank capacity: 1L
  • Applicable area: 1-15㎡
  • Applicable area: 61m ^ 2 and above
  • Water tank capacity: 1L or less
  • Dehumidification capacity: 1.1L / h below
  • Power: 500W or less

Damage large, choose a good dehumidifier is very important!

Thousands of praise rapid dehumidification dehumidifier came

1, the compressor dehumidification, and Air conditioning dehumidificationThe same principle, boot 4 hours as long as 1 kWh, Dehumidification area can be Up to 80 square feet , Boot 5 minutes can clearly see the water droplets condensation (The data is laboratory data, relative humidity of 85%, the temperature maintained at 30 ° C environment, specific to your actual use of the environment prevail) .

2, Auxiliary drying and Air purification function , Boot 2 hours clothing humidity decreased significantly! (Due to different thickness of winter clothes, different humidity, auxiliary drying effect with the environment there is little deviation).

3, Bidirectional timing design: can be timed shutdown, but also regular boot

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