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Open the brave bracelet large jade cabbage home feng shui living room decoration crafts shop opening gift

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: XINDHW / Xin big Warwick
  • Appearance: Animals
  • Color Classification: Lucky Nuffle Small Nouveau Nuffle Nouveau Nuffle Extra Large Nouveau Nafale domineering (main) upgrade! (Small) Moyu upgraded version! (Medium) Moyu upgraded version! ) (M) Moyu upgraded version! (Oversized) Moyu wealth to (trumpet) 66 wealth to (large) 66 wealth to (oversized) 66 upgrade (trumpet) and jade upgrade! (Large) and Jade upgraded version! (Large) and jade upgraded version! (Oversized) and jade back paragraph! (Trumpet) Cuiyu back paragraph! (Large) Moyu back paragraph! (Extra large) Moyu Lucky Pixiu (mini wood)
  • Material: Resin
  • Item: ... 0
  • Applicable space: living room
  • Style: Ming and Qing classical
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration type: Desktop Decoration

Treasurer said that the physical kind of look better than the picture, do not look good you hit me!

Brave + gold toad + cabbage (buy a mascot is equal to three)

Than size, than the quality, more than the effect;

Tips: small king-size base the same

Large base is a money tree base

Name: Lucky Nafu brave cabbage Decoration
Small size: about 30cm wide and 13cm high 27cm
Large size: about 42cm wide and 18cm high 30cm
Oversize Size: Approx. 58cm Width 26cm Height 46cm
Upgrade Medium Size: About 34cm wide and 16cm high 32cm
Upgraded version of the large size: About 45cm wide and 20cm high and 41cm high

'Ancient books that a ferocious Rui beast .Bai Xiu is a food for food, eat food Quartet .Chinese tradition is a' brave 'customs, and dragon lion, bring joy and good luck.

The first generation of genuine brave ↓