HD home office with wireless camera | Remote Mobile Monitor Network intercom wifi night vision

HD home office with wireless camera | Remote Mobile Monitor Network intercom wifi night vision

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Was like Color: Color
  • Brand: Vstarcam
  • Model: C7837WIP
  • Smart Type: Other
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Focal length: 2.8mm 3.6mm
  • Focal lengths: wide-angle
  • Definition: 720p 960P
  • Photosensitive area: 1/4 inch
  • City services: city logistics delivery
  • Effective distance: 0m (free) -10m (free)
  • Lens size specifications: 2.8mm

IP CAMERA Network camera truly original manufacturer quality assurance!!

Colour : Black / white optional default white Ship
Indoor Dome wifi wireless network camera, H.264 CMOS / megapixels 720P 960p optional remote video intercom, support 64GB Micro SD card loop recording; horizontal rotation 355 ° Vertical 120 ° HD PTZ auto cruise machine; built-in dual filter ray IR-Cut, color cast during the day and at night is very clear

How it works: camera-based stand-alone machine, wireless wifi or network cable is linked with access to the Internet router
Then phone, tablet, ipad or computer with Internet access will be able to monitor the process ---

PNP Plug and Play technology, residential broadband / Unicom / Netcom / Mobile / Telecom / multi-level routing 'Do not pick broadband 'Full network support ---


What product features?

1.Do not plug and play computer network knowledge pnp own DIY, no computer can be installed, A cell phone can be installed ; Compared with other network cameras, without the need for complicated set-up process, Do not know what IP address, gateway, domain name, not doing any router settings it!

2Ordinary network camera can not be used in places such as Netcom, Railcom , Residential Broadband , Multi-level routing Complex network environment, the traditional network cameras can not adapt to such a complex environment, With Granville, as the dot-com 'pangolin' camera, much more complex environment, but also to wear off, without any settings!

Body: black / white Default Press white hair Goods plug gauge: before making remarks by default applicable shipping address (IN: AC100-240V OUT: DC 5V 2A)