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4-channel PCI-E 4-way AHD capture card | surveillance capture card

4-channel PCI-E 4-way AHD capture card | surveillance capture card
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Stjiatu
  • Model: ST-8864E
  • Number of circuits: 4 road
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door

ST-8864E four-way acquisition card

  • Support for branded computers.
  • Support window floating, (Suspension window function)Can be in the suspension window, the free use of software, software resources, low consumption
  • User Management: Multi-user rights management settings, set user operation permissions
  • Network: comes with remote domain name (support TCP / IP, UPNP)
  • Browser support: support IE browser remote monitoring
  • Language support : Chinese Simplified, English, Traditional
  • Support: P2P cloud technology (support all network)
  • Support a variety of playback operations, including normal playback, single and multi-channel playback, support fast forward, rewind, single-frame playback
  • Own free domain name: www.stjiatu.net (registered account can be remotely monitored after landing)
  • Support: WindowsXP, WIN7 (32-bit, 64-bit) and WIN8 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Video format: AVI (
    Thunder look

  • Phone remote: support (IPhone-iOS 4.2 or later, iPad-iOS 4.2 or later, Android-2.2 or later)

Basic parameters:

  • Video resolution: 1280 × 720 or more
  • Display resolution: display 1280 × 720 (PAL); playback 1280 × 720 (PAL)
  • Local playback / display: 1-4 channel playback at the same time
  • Video input: 4 channels (BNC)

  • Audio input: 4 channels (RCA)
  • Recording speed: PAL: 25 frames / sec NTSC: 30 frames / sec
  • Recording mode: manual recording, timer recording, motion detection recording
  • stand by: Motion detection video
  • stand by: Video loss alarm
  • Interface: pci-e interface
  • Username: admin Password: Default is empty

Capture card driver download

  • Saving the environment, from the bit to start! Products do not provide CD, please understand! Please click on the following link, you can download the driver!
  • Http://www.stjiatu.net
  • Before installing the capture card, make sure the computer is equipped with a driving wizard, if you have to uninstall first, it will damage the capture card internal process


    AHD HD capture card must be used with the AHD camera to normal use, the other temporarily unable to compatible, pre-purchase consultation shopping guide.