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F500 face attendance machine | fingerprint attendance machine | face recognition | face recognition | free software installation

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Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: Realand / really
  • Really model: F500
  • Attendance type: multi-functional one
  • Color classification: exempt software single plane local area network version local area network WIFI wireless version
  • Access authentication: face
  • After-sales service: Genius

F500 face recognition attendance, work attendance, flash

Unique: Each face is unique and unique, and fundamentally completely eliminate the generation of punch card, and no one may muddle through

Fast: Face recognition processing quickly and accurately, completely eliminating the queuing punching problems, flash, a second recognition.

Convenience: no longer have to forget the card, fingerprints unclear / peeling and trouble, the face will always own, do not forget to lose, attendance at any time.

Security: do not touch, do not worry about infection, must be real attendance, photos and statues can not be passed.

Smart: Automatic changes in makeup and identification, intelligent updates, can dress with casual wear.