Mom really hair wig | Short hair elderly | valgus Alice short hair | wig Ms. middle-aged woman

Mom really hair wig | Short hair elderly | valgus Alice short hair | wig Ms. middle-aged woman

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Excellent odd wig 2038
  • Brand: excellent Qi
  • Wig single product: wig 2038
  • Color Classification: Imported matte silk - natural black matte imported silk - real hair dark brown hair - natural black hair real hair - dark brown (model wearing paragraph) imported silk matte - Brown (Five-piece plus) true hair hair - natural black (plus five pieces) real hair hair - dark brown (plus five pieces) imported silk matte - natural black (plus five pieces) black dark brown light brown flaxen chestnut color gold / yellow silver gray
  • Suitable for: middle-aged lady
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wig bangs Category: oblique fringe
  • Wig hairstyle: short hair
  • Style: Other / other
  • Efficacy: Wig
  • Cosmetic features: wig

good news

Fall 2015 models with a new hairstyle!

Superman shortness of breath hair! Original 575 yuan!

The new models added to our Deals!

Free shipping only 196 yuan, end of the event to restore the original price!

In front of the higher purchase price of the pro, we give you the most sincere apologies and hope you can understand and forgive!

solemn commitment: This baby Guaranteed 100% real hair manufacturing, commitment is not real hair, fake a lost decade (real hair products, it is inevitable that a few gray hairs, lint, have found directly removed, the process of making some wig hair floating legacy, combing will shake off, this is normal). TV, online real hair testing method is that you can test. You can sort out many different styles, suitable for any type of head wear, can be hair, pruning, baking oil, dye and the like.

The main features of this baby are:

1: breathable (100% real hair real hair due to the different materials of feeling against the skin cool worn a wig guests will feel cool feeling) 2: simulation and high (100% real hair elastic and ready to comb out or blow their own natural hair fluffy strong randomness according to their face) 3 long life (normal service life of this baby 3--6 years with good maintenance can make the hair more durable)

Our all products are not satisfied with seven days no reason to exchange goods back to the buyer is not suitable for a good protection.

One: This is a common problem to overcome heavy wig, showing a unique real hair more fluffy natural light, air permeability is not an ordinary wig can compare!!

II: exclusive live pictures, do not worry about not meeting board, do WYSIWYG!

Three: a sterile mesh production, more comfortable to wear, breathable! Support seven days no reason to return,

Quality Assurance, Buy is earned

Hair after special treatment, good maintenance for 5 years will not wear a wig dry frizz!

Upon receipt of the goods have a problem wearing finishing aspect may at any time to consult us, we have professional after-sales customer care oh pro can teach

This paragraph is 100% real hair real hair production, can be hot dye, you can also use hair sticks from the new styling, you can do strenuous exercise, permeability is very good, you can wear all year round!

-----Kind show----

(Indoors under strong light it will seem a little dark Some amount of ~)

Color problems

Tips: all customers because of the different displays, and can not guarantee exactly the same color

Totally unacceptable chromatic aberration faithful friends, please do not shoot, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes after receipt of the goods!

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