Real hair hair wigs | short hair elderly | ectropion short curls | elderly wig lady old lady

Real hair hair wigs | short hair elderly | ectropion short curls | elderly wig lady old lady

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Excellent odd hair sets
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Wigs single product: hair sets 2038
  • Color: Imported Matte Silk - Natural Black Imported Matte Silk - Dark Brown True Hair - Natural Black Genuine Hair - Dark Brown (Models to Wear) Imported Matte Silk - Dark Brown (Plus Five-piece) True Natural Black (plus five-piece) Genuine Hair - Dark Brown (plus five-piece) Imported Matte Silk - Natural Black (plus five-piece) Genuine Hair - Black Brown True Hair - Black-brown (plus five-piece) Mixed Silk - Light chestnut mixed silk - Light chestnut red (plus five-piece)
  • Suitable for: middle-aged women
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wig Liu Category: oblique bangs
  • Wig Hair Style: Short Hair
  • Style: Other
  • Effect: wig
  • Cosmetics features: wig

good news

2016 autumn with a new hairstyle!

This new product shelves sale!

solemn commitment: This product is bound to have a few white hair, thread, have found please direct removal, wig manufacturing process part of the floating left over, combing the jitter will fall off, the hair is not a real hair, You can comb a variety of shapes, suitable for any type of head wear, you can hair, trim, baked oil, dye and so on.

Mixed silk hair set with 70% real hair +30% more stereotypes to wear silk type

The main features of this baby are:

1: good ventilation (due to the different material made real close to the skin feel cool wearing a wig of the guests will feel the feeling of Dongnuanxialiang) 2: high degree of simulation (good flexibility can be combed out according to their own face or blow out their own hair style random fluffy natural) 3 long life (this baby normal life of 3-6 years of good maintenance can make the hair more durable)

Shop all products are not satisfied with 7 days no reason to return, to not suitable for buyers a very good protection.

1: This section has overcome the thick wig common problem, showing a real hair unique light! More fluffy nature, permeability is not more than the general wig!

2: exclusive live pictures, do not worry about the goods do not board, do WYSIWYG!

3: sterile net production, wear more comfortable, breathable! Support 7 days no reason to return,

Quality Assurance, Buy is to earn

Hair after special treatment, good maintenance wig wearing 5 years will not dry impatient!

After receipt of the goods have to wear finishing problems can consult us at any time, we have professional after-sales customer service can teach parents to take care of Oh

This section of the wig is a real hair production, you can hot dye, you can also use the curling rods from the new shape, you can do strenuous exercise, breathability is very good, can be worn all year round!

-----Physical display----

(In the room under a strong light will appear a little dark red some amount ~)

Color problem

Tips: because the customer's display is different, can not guarantee and color exactly the same

Can not accept the color of the Friends of faithful, please do not shoot, so as not to receive unnecessary disputes after receipt of the goods!

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