Absorbent cushioning insole sports men and women deodorant breathable soft thick cushion basketball shoes, running military training deodorant thin

Absorbent cushioning insole sports men and women deodorant breathable soft thick cushion basketball shoes, running military training deodorant thin

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2016
  • Brand: Ashpika
  • Product Number: TRSER65
  • Color: can be cut (41-45) shoe size / double can be cut (36-40) shoe size / double over the proposed purchase of three pairs of alternating delay life
  • Size: Other Size

! Year anniversary activities started one pair of relief International activity rules (one shot, that is, one pair) as follows:

Chinese mainland one pair of free shipping activity , Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas do not mail. .

Hair EMS, SF postage meter please contact the online customer service staff.

Manufacturers of reviews: This product is a product insoles, Taobao common than secondary and defective goods more expensive price 2-3 yuan, however, a number of high quality to be.

1.Bio special insole cushioning movement Foreign sneakers widely used.
2.Followed by using hexagonal honeycomb shock absorption, More biomimetic bionic design good stability.
3.Forefoot pad surface Using woven Effective absorbent, breathable during exercise.
4.Soles of the feet of the arch support designed to ensure after exercise Reduce fatigue and foot pain.
5.Ingredients for the insole latex products, Softness strengthen.
6.Our recommendation, as a professional shoe store sales, more Understand insole.

product name: Cellular movement insole cushioning

product material: EVA latex, import silica gel, fine fibers woven breathable

Product Features: Reduce the vibration due to the movement of the foot plantar damage. Effectively support the arch of the foot arch area and reduce pressure, relieve fatigue and arch pain. Both absorbent deodorizing effect.

Product Size: Forefoot width: 9.5cm forefoot thickness: 0.45cm heel thickness: 1cm (user according to their shoe size shoe line along the back of the forefoot freedom clipping)

Expert Reviews: Everybody needs to walk every day, but when the operation requires a lot of leg movement, the human foot is one of the most important organs of the body, but a leg injury, just as no feet very inconvenient, the most care of their feet important thing is to have a good pair of insoles! sport insoles foot movement can assist the user to reduce the burden on your feet, let the user every step a pleasure!

Manager comments: Really feel the foot is suitable for a variety of occasions, wear'll be able to release your feet, the manager personally through post 3D three-dimensional plastic heel insoles coated design , Wear very comfortable fit and high stability, the curvature of the bottom of the heel also has plastic, provides walking Shock effect and a high degree of stability needed While Arch relief system When administered walks on two feet, the height of the pressure release function is really powerful and rare versatility insoles, also Having holes enhance breathability In the summer wear is really ideal for jogging or other activities such as mountain climbing, even walking wearing only feel comfortable, modern large pressure, walking on the road often vexation fast, everyone under their feet as if all the pressure is very heavy ; You really should buy a pair, making it comfortable and cozy!