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Eyebrow sticker | 1056 stickers | super-viscous breathable beauty eyes paste paste invisible Eyelid stickers to buy 2 packets to send 1 package

Product code: -32260600030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Colorshine / color Xuan
  • Double-fold plastic single product: 1056 single-sided paste
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification

The arrival of the second generation upgrade models:

Take 2 packets to send 1 package to take 3 packets to send 2 packets

Only one day today, the new taste of fresh price

There are 2 models available for everyone to choose!

The second generation of breathable style - the latest wave of the latest models! A pack of 22 1056 stickers

Mashup section = 11 thick, fine 11

Tips : The laser section of the breathable performance better Oh, do not shoot to send, such as buy two get one shot 2 can be sent Oh, you can leave a message or contact customer service notes Oh, now promotions during the price a lot of first-served basis, End Oh ~ pro seize buy ~ ~