Shino full six authentic SHINO cotton | 130 tablets | Deep Cleansing clean

Shino full six authentic SHINO cotton | 130 tablets | Deep Cleansing clean

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: SHINO//Shino cosmetic cotton 100+ ...
  • Color: white
  • Beauty Tools category: facial beauty toiletries
  • Beauty Tools category: cotton
  • Beauty tools: cotton pads
  • Brand: SHINO//Shino
  • Makeup/beauty tools item: cotton 100+30
  • Specifications type: normal

"Name format" Shino cosmetic cotton 130 pieces (d)
"Packaging" new without box, plastic

"Official website"

The "size" box length 9CM, width 8.5CM, high 5CM
"Texture" cotton

"Characteristic function"
-Select 100% natural quality cotton, care of delicate skin
-Good water-releasing ability, not a waste of skin care products, skin full of moisture
-Special soft patch-design, the perfect embodiment of efficacy of skin care products
High-temperature steam sterilization, does not contain fluorescent agents, hygiene and safety
Boutique-Shino cosmetic cotton, cotton spun-laced nonwovens refined form, quality soft apt, can thoroughly remove grease, making your skin more healthy and dynamic, special surface treatment, with a high temperature, sterilized, good quality, reliable health.
-Suitable for putting on makeup, makeup remover; Erase creams, lipsticks, nail polish.

Pour the right amount of make-up water in cotton, in your face gently flapping from top to bottom, make bubbles in the pores of the face discharge, making the water your skin absorb and wipe gently.