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Cusp invisible double-sided adhesive | Meimu eye stickers | Eyelid stickers | 384 贴 = 192 pairs

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Product parameters:

  • Eyelid Category: Other / other
  • Brand: Romantic Story / Romance
  • Eyelid glue a single product: eyelid stickers 8
  • Specifications Type: Normal size

White tear is transparent, both sides are sticky, transparent packaging products.

Unique design ends corners, hidden more stubborn !!! hidden in the eyelid congregation, slender inconspicuous, invisible more natural!

product description:
US imports of advanced medical use breathable rubberized material, can often be used without injured eye and soft skin and cause allergies, one-piece tailoring, transparent nature, not falling, makeup or eyelid on the eye when modified for use.
Please keep in a cool dry place.

1. Before use, first to a cotton pad or clean the eye oil absorbing tissues
2. your fingers or a small clip extractor molding gum paste glue
3. According to personal eye type, affixed to the appropriate location
4. After stick with a cotton swab to gently pinch

Using the object:
1. To make the eye contour more vivid, more beautiful person.
2. to work, appointments, bridal makeup, stage makeup
3. The upper eyelid inverted eyelash, single fold, double fold sizes person.
4. eyelid sagging
5. prevent wrinkles expansion

The following video is for reference use, do not represent the eyelid paste products.