Nail Tools Products supplies | pen gel pen light therapy light therapy gel nail brush essential | Specials 4 #

Nail Tools Products supplies | pen gel pen light therapy light therapy gel nail brush essential | Specials 4 #

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Nail products Category: Nail Tools
  • Beauty tools Category: nail brush
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Brand: BK
  • A single product: nail phototherapy pen No. 4
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin
  • made in China
  • Shelf life: 5 years

Product supplies nail tools phototherapy pen gel pen glue phototherapy nail brush essential Cheap # 4

A light therapy [Tips]

A light therapy is a line passes through the UV-A light and leaving the role of light therapy gel solidification of advanced anti-armor true technology, using natural resin material, not only to protect the nails, nail plate features, more effective correction of influenza make nails more fiber through, moving.


1. The non-toxic and non-irritating chemicals harmful to humans;

2. tasteless and fragrance free, does not affect the human respiratory and nervous system.

3. Has the natural nail as wayward, flexible, easy to break.

4. Do not make the natural nail yellowing, quality crystal clear, glossy and transparent.

5. Durable, anti-alcohol, beautiful color will not fall off.

6. A shaping conducive to true,


1. Resurrection will be very difficult and requires a long time grinding, sanding back to thin, and then soaking the nails into the demethylation agent.

2. After the Resurrection, the nails will be dry dry no nutritional state, we need to use some nutrition oil painting on the nail, in order to provide adequate nutrition.

[Difference between a light therapy and crystal armor]

A light therapy and It is a man-made armor.

A liquid crystal armor through the integration of A powder produced in the nail curing reaction, it is actually a plastic! A solid crystal, pink armor and armor solution can make the perfect shape and colorful, ever-changing. Available Professional unloading A liquid removed.

A light therapy is By irradiation with UV light curing formed biggest advantage of a light therapy is beneficial to the environment and health had no pungent smell during operation, easy to polish, not warped, gloss is also very good, but operate on technology requirements are relatively high.

do Only when the improper operation is easy to hurt the nails!