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On the comb-style wig bundled | girls micro-volume ponytail | long hair | fake ponytail | high-temperature silk |

On the comb-style wig bundled | girls micro-volume ponytail | long hair | fake ponytail | high-temperature silk |
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: on the comb
  • Wigs single product: MW-007
  • High-temperature silk 'light brown' matte high-temperature silk 'linen yellow' matte high-temperature silk 'black-brown' Matte high-temperature silk 'high-temperature silk'
  • Hair material: other

This is a relatively long tail, hair volume is also considered a lot of volume is very beautiful. Micro-volume, the effect is to wear up like you short hair of the girls do not miss the Oh, this pony tail light brown slightly yellow Oh.

Shrimp to wear before the first hand combing the wig, so it will look messy, roll a little oh , Pro just received when we are with the following physical display as neat

Shrimp wearing 'light brown'

Pro before wearing shaking, the wig volume will be fluffy, messy open, you can achieve the effect of the model

Horse tail positive and negative display

Length: natural suspension length 55 cm (error 3 cm), weight 80 grams.

Black brown is partial brownish yellow, and is more obvious brown Oh

Dark brown is Partial red , In kind than the picture to be red, color plate color, whichever is oh

Light brown than the picture of some yellow, shrimp with a light brown almost no color Oh

I wear 'light brown'

I wore the original effect, that is, out of the bag out of the effect, there is no shake, is a very natural micro-volume effect, shake the shrimp like that after the natural effect of messy Oh

common problem
1 This naturally unnatural?
This is a high simulation, as long as the color with their hair color close to wear up are very natural Oh
2 What color should I choose?
The first principle of choosing colors is to pick the ones closest to them.
If your hair is still dark, we suggest you use black, if their hair natural color yellow, we suggest you use the black brown, black brown is the malnutrition of the hair color .
General dyed color in dark brown with light brown inside choice .Brown similar to the chestnut color, is reddish oh .Fallow brown is dyed yellow, is the model to wear color