Lalababy La Labu book baby cloth book baby toys early childhood books 0-1-3 years old stereoscopic cloth book tear is not bad

Lalababy La Labu book baby cloth book baby toys early childhood books 0-1-3 years old stereoscopic cloth book tear is not bad

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Lalababy / La Labu book enlightenment and ...
  • Brand: Lalababy / La Labu book
  • ISBN: Enlightenment and Cognition - baby palm book series
  • Product Number: NOAH-2011-A0003
  • Color Classification: Enlightenment and Cognitive six small package 6 + Star Bear serinette small 6 + 6 + caterpillars small animal cognitive Buka small snail pull shock 6 + 6 + 6 small turtles climb perspective + animal World small 6 + farm + ocean small 6 + Rubik's Cube puzzle + hexagonal pp mat small 6 + I learn I will be 6 + rabbit + cow moo moo stereo animal world alone this small 6 + BB stick small 6 The animal house + 6 + ruffle small happy one day, two small tiger + 6 + + multicolored chicken giggle ball 6 + 6 + animal combination small pony bed hanging small 6 + 6 + digital small rabbit farm small fish + 6 + 6 + frogs to appease a small ball colorful small 6 + small doll book scholar teethers + 6 + 4 small doll suit
  • Age: 3 months 6 months 12 months 18 months
  • Is there a shopping guide video: Yes

Treasurer Message

Cloth book huge number of species in a variety of cloth book cloth book around the circle, and why the La Labu book will loved by others, even if the price is high, because the professional, safe and original Year!

La Labu book focus on quality for 15 years, is the first of its kind cloth book brand, even more brands are not shaken his position

1. The original design, by a number of experts in infant development pattern, hand-painting designs, all using thermal transfer printing on cloth book can be hot water wash, do not fade, no deformation Safety and environmental protection

2. trusted by standard certification, the State, the EU exported over export quality

3. Using a new polyester fiber as raw material, soft and smooth, suitable for babies and tender skin, while the same product is not a first-hand raw materials, most of the use of second-hand connection Recycled material, or commonly known as black cotton cloth book market cheap too, even the cost of a few dollars is not enough, we sell not only products, but also the conscience

4.The size of our cloth book is designed according to the baby it , With respect to mothers will feel a little small, but Baby's little hands He can easily Zhuanie , Strengthen the baby's ability It(*^__^*)

Dear consumer, wow conscience is priceless, compared with a conscience and not inferior oh