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Stepper armrest mute | Multi swing stovepipe Slimming Foot Machine | exercise to lose weight fitness equipment home

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: US forces Germany
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Color Classification: Black + White + Green 206 White Green Green (New send pull rope and mats) 206 black and orange (the new send pull rope and mats)
  • Product Number: MLD-204
  • Fitness Equipment Category: Hydraulic (hydraulic) Stepper
  • Stepper accessories type: with rope lubricants
  • Press select fitness effect: US waist / thin waist / plastic waist

2015 new upgraded version Armrest stepper home Mute Hot market:

1, Safety bars : Human engineering design handle, high density high quality Complete set Foam, Three-year warranty

2, Multifunction electronic watch : led liquid crystal Screen Advanced Magnetic induction Module, up to aging 0.01second.

3, 30 degrees potent Twist : 30 degrees pedal axis, up down left right Swing stampede, double Thin waist , Hip , Leg.

4, Hydraulic rod imports : European standard Hydraulic rod stampede more relaxed, not to hurt the knee, long life.

5, Quiet is not an area : 0 Noise , Covering only 0.17 level , While watching TV sports, Xiangshou on thin. Is so capricious ~

6, Adjustable pedal height : Large tread width 38cm ,pedal Long, wide Designed to ensure safety, the whole family to play with children and senior citizens.

7, Elastic drawstring : Repair arm , Waist . At the same time stepping Duanlian balance and coordination training.

8, Bold solid base : Thinking about how to step on how to step, this is a still-stand the toss ~

9, Simulation mountaineering : Numerous Fat Burning , Tight leg muscles. Mom never worried about my legs thicker it!

Quietly at home to lose weight, go high-profile barelegged!

Goddess treading step machine at home too!

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Get only pull rope and mats