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Popular TOPIS island diving equipment Sambo latent snorkeling mask anti-fog suit breathing tube can be equipped with myopia

Popular TOPIS island diving equipment Sambo latent snorkeling mask anti-fog suit breathing tube can be equipped with myopia
Product code: 32152200030
Unit price 18.4-25.27$
Sold quantity 2014
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: TOPIS
  • Product number: S207 + M2000
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 368
  • Color Classification: Black S207 + M2000 Blue S207 + M2000 Pink S207 + M2000 Yellow S207 + M2000 Black S207 + M2011 Rose S207 + M2000 Black S268 + M220 Blue S268 + M220 Yellow S268 + M220 Rose S268 + M220 Blue S198 S198 + M2011 pink S198 + M2011 pink S198 + M2011 pink S198 + M2011 pink S198 + M2011 pink S198 + M2011 pink S198 + M2011 blue S198 + M2011 blue S198 + M2011 black S198 + M2011 black socks size S198 + M2011 Yellow S207 + M2011
  • Sports Outdoor: Diving
  • Time to market: other

Buy a mirror box and beam a bag

Diving mirror sub-M2011, M2000, M220. Snorkel points S207 and S268 snorkel length from S198 43CM lengthened to 48CM, waterproof performance is also upgraded, the quality is guaranteed by the whole Taobao ranking rely on the price of different sets of breathing tube. Before the diving suit Maldives and other island snorkeling equipment.

Myopia is a piece of the price of 20 yuan, to be a pair will take 2, left and right myopia message

This paragraph can reprovision myopia 100-950, need to take another lens, myopia is the original flat lens removed, and then the installation of myopia test delivery, replaced the plain lens is not made, to send an anti-fog agent

1: travel abroad, life is not much, we should buy a good brand or buy a set of low-cost low-quality snorkeling. Manager thought: snorkeling, after all, there is a certain risk of water sports, not bad that tens of dollars, TOPIS Proven old brand, buy TOPIS is to life on insurance .For the province tens of dollars to buy low-priced low-quality snorkeling to take life when the bet is not worth it.

2: TOPIS diving mirror because of their anti-fog, no anti-fog agent, spray antifogging agent can not be used before the first anti-diving mirror to tear the inner anti-fog film, and then each use, rinse with water under the natural air Do not rub the lens inside the anti-fog layer.

3: myopia of the pro: If you need with myopia, need to buy another myopia lens, replace the original diving mirror above the plain lens.We will help you install the recurrence, making myopia lenses only need to leave a message to tell us the pro-left and right degrees Enough. Underwater objects due to their amplification, the general choice of myopia diving lens should be 50-100 degrees lower than the land degree, astigmatism plus astigmatism degree of one-half (such as astigmatism 100 degrees is the original degree plus two points One of 50 degrees)

Support genuine Refused to counterfeit cottage

New ejector head S207 model, the new breathing tube:

S207 model of the TOPIS tube is the new extended ejection all dry breathing tube, tube head closed a little faster, longer than the old models S198 length 2CM, the total length of about 50CM, strongly recommended!

Faster sealing of the breathing tube

Is a healthy gas supply system

S207 ejector type breathing tube available

Feature 1: Ejection type water sealing

TOPISS207 new 2014 ejectable breathing tube, a touch of water, immediately produce buoyancy, immediately start, As a result of the use of floating technology, the friction is 0, the use of airtight operation, will not be sand and other impurities interference, catapult speed, faster than other online snorkel fast 2-5 times. Seal the inlet hole before the seawater reaches the air inlet, protect your lover, do not choke any water.

S207 features 2: vortex intake

Similar to the car we open, high-speed driving requires a lot of clean air.Therefore, not in front of the car to open a mouth, so that all the dirty air into the car, but the inside open air inlet, let the air vortex into. Breathing tube s207, tube head basically can not see the intake slot, so the waves debris can not be directly rushed into the air hole.We breathe the air is clean and healthy enough vortex eddy oxygen.It is a healthy breathing tube. (Conventional float type, the entire tube head are slotted so often into the breathing tube)