topis snorkeling all dry suits | latent anti-fog mirror snorkeling Sambo myopia can be equipped with the necessary equipment island

topis snorkeling all dry suits | latent anti-fog mirror snorkeling Sambo myopia can be equipped with the necessary equipment island

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: TOPIS
  • Item No: S207 + M2000
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 368
  • Color Classification: Black S207 + M2000 Blue S207 + M2000 pink S207 + M2000 yellow S207 + M2000 black S207 + M2011 Rose S207 + M2000 black blue S268 + M220 S268 + M220 Yellow Rose S268 + M220 S198 S268 + M220 blue + M2011 pink yellow S198 S207 + M2011 + M2011 + M2011 S198 rose red rose red vinyl S198 S207 + M2011 + M2011 full pink S198 S207 + M2011 + M2011 blue Lake blue S198 + M2011 photographed message size black socks white plastic S198 S207 + M2011 + M2011 yellow
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Diving
  • Time to market: Other

Maijiu mirror box and a pouch

Breathing tube suit different mirror combinations of different prices. Goggles points M2011, M2000, M220. Breathing tube divided S207 and S268 breathing tube length from S198 models 43CM extended to 48CM, waterproof performance also upgrade the quality is guaranteed. Taobao ranked by before diving suit snorkeling Maldives and other islands suitable equipment.

Myopia is a piece price of $ 20, will be one pair beat two, a message about myopia

This paragraph can reprovision myopic 100-950, photographed require additional lenses, myopia is that we remove the original plain lenses, and then install the test sheet myopia shipping, replaced plain lenses not to send me a anti-fogging agent

1: travel abroad, not much life times, we should buy a good set of brands or buying a cheap inferior snorkeling manager thought: after all, there is a certain danger snorkeling water sports is not bad that tens of dollars, TOPIS is proven old brand, is to buy TOPIS on life insurance policies. to save hundreds of dollars to buy cheap inferior when snorkeling take life is not worth a bet.

2: TOPIS goggles because of their anti-fog, anti-fogging agent is not required, nor spray fogging agents, we must first before using anti-fog goggles to protect the inside of the tear film, and then after each use, rinse with clear water to dry naturally dry can be. can not wipe the inside of the lens anti-fog layer.

3: myopia pro: with myopia, if necessary, the need to buy another myopic lenses, replace the original lens goggles plain above us will help you re-installed hair, myopic lens shot just tell us about the pro degree left and right eyes. Enough. Due to amplification of underwater objects themselves, usually selected myopic lens diving should be lower than the land degrees 50-100 degrees astigmatism please add one-half degree of astigmatism (astigmatism 100 degrees as is the original plus two degrees above points one of 50 degrees)

Genuine support He refused to cottage fakes

The new S207 model catapult head, new breathing tube:

S207 models TOPIS ejection tube is lengthened whole new dry breathing tube, head tube closing speed a little bit longer than the old model S198 long 2CM, with a total length of about 50CM, strongly recommended!!

Sealing faster breathing tube

It is having a healthy supply system

s207 catapult launch breathing tube

Feature 1: catapult Sealing water

TOPISS207 2014 new catapult breathing tube, touched the water, buoyancy immediately started immediately, As a result of floating technology, friction is zero, the use of closed operation, sand and other impurities will not be interference, ejection super-fast, 2-5 times faster than other medium now breathing tube. Not yet reached the sea in front of air intake air intake seal and protect your lover, not to choke any water.

s207 Feature 2: vortex intake

Similar to our open car, at high speed requires a lot of cleaner air, we can not open the mouth in front of a car. All the dirty air is let into the car. Take it inside of the air intake to allow air into the vortex. TOPIS new catapult 2014 snorkel s207, the tube head basically can not see into the gas tank, so the waves rushed into the debris can not directly vent. air we breathe is clean and healthy vortex over adequate oxygen. is a healthy breathing tube. (Conventional pontoon, whole head tube are slotted it into the waves often breathing tube)