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0-3 years old baby socks children socks spring and summer thin section of men and women non-slip socks newborn baby socks cotton relent

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hydergine Swiss
  • Socks species: Baby socks
  • Item: 5051
  • Color: 4 color four pairs of men and treasure women Po mounted four-color four pairs five pairs mounted 5-color 4-color 4 pairs mounted boys girls 4-color gift box gift box four pairs of male baby female baby 6-color 6 pairs 6 pairs 6 colors
  • For ages: S code 0-1 years (for foot length 9-12cm) M code 1-3 years (for foot length 12-14cm)
  • Size: S
  • Season: Spring
  • To apply a gender: Neutral