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For Volkswagen Skoda 6 new speed Teng Long trip concept Bora Polo Beetle car key sticker YF

For Volkswagen Skoda 6 new speed Teng Long trip concept Bora Polo Beetle car key sticker YF
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: card art grid
  • Model: KY0112
  • Pattern: Other
  • Material: stickers
  • Color classification: A light right upper mouth monkey graffiti B lights middle mouth monkey graffiti A light right upper star A light right kitty A light right upper color stripes B section lights middle color stripes A light right upper leather A light right upper graffiti A light Right upper leopard B models mid-leopard B-style lights middle of the middle of the graffiti B section of the middle of the kitty A models of light on the right glittering light B models in the middle of the glittering B-style lights in the middle of the middle of the leather B models of the middle of the stars A light to the upper right of the German flag B lights Middle of the German flag A light on the right kitty hit face B models middle kitty hit face A light on the right powder green leopard pattern B light middle powder green leopard pattern A light right upper duo A dream hit face B lights middle duo A Dream face
  • Service content: support custom
  • Film Type: Other

2 parts of the region

Volkswagen logo groove stickers:

Made of 3M reflective stickers, C strong reflective effect, C thin material, easier to paste, a small arc surface just finger press to complete the paste.

Material: 3M reflective material (

Color: See options.

Specifications: Volkswagen models keys, Skoda models keys can also be used.

characteristic: Waterproof, sunscreen, removable glue.

Key sticker method: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTQ5NTY5MzY3Ng==.html

Applicable models (please look for their own key models to choose Oh):

Spraying stickers class stickers Description:

Carving stickers stickers Class Description:

Product packaging: pvc bag.

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