Siemens touch screen Smart700 IE 6AV6648-0BC11-3AX0 7-inch color screen

Siemens touch screen Smart700 IE 6AV6648-0BC11-3AX0 7-inch color screen

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SIEMENS / Siemens
  • Model: 6AV6648-0BC11-0XA0
  • Phone screen color: full color
  • Suitable for: Indoor
  • Display mode: Other / other

Genuine original Siemens (Suzhou) SIEMENS, specific technical questions, please call Siemens China Technology Hotline:400-810-4288

Buyer Sign Precautions:

A pro without worrying about the quality of the product is genuine and that the company is the Lynx rigorous examination, and pay 100,000 yuan deposit. All products will be sold for the original brand new authentic, all in accordance with standards of origin of the brand, so you you can buy.

Second, my company is a wholesale and entity shop synchronous operation, it is difficult to update inventory quantities circumstances there may be out of stock out of stock, so please take the next can be shipped the same day if before the baby be sure to consult our working hours are Monday to Saturday 9: 00-17: 00, Sunday was on duty but not guaranteed delivery, and national legal holidays the same.

Third, the need for the billing customer billing information please hit in the remark or send sales staff.

Fourth, do not rush to receive the goods after receipt, check whether the packaging intact on the lower, open open the parcel inspection after signing, because we sell are expensive products, such as signing already damaged products, we are hard to compensate. Make sure if it is damaged immediately contact the customer, we will process.

Business commitments: Cohabitation between the current market, Taobao is often possible to buy (high imitation, parallel, refurbished, second-hand), the company's commitment to sell products are formal channels for genuine original, the manager in this commitment to a penalty of one hundred.