A3000 automatic home computer refrigerator |

A3000 automatic home computer refrigerator |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: KINGCHEVALIER / Golden Warrior
  • Model: other / other

Equipment Type: A3000
Device Type: AC Voltage Regulator
Rated capacity: 3000VA / 1800W

Input voltage: 140-270Vac
Input frequency: 50Hz ± 5%
Output voltage: 220V ± 8%
Output frequency: 50Hz
Appearance size: 160x255x110MM
Gross weight: 6.50kg

● Wide input voltage range

The Golden Warrior power supply can operate over a wide range of mains input (140 ~ 270Vac).

● High output voltage

The regulation process can work without interruption, no transient power loss phenomenon, the output voltage accuracy (220Vac ± 8%).

● Input voltage high and low voltage protection

When the mains input voltage exceeds its normal operating range, the regulated power supply automatically cuts off the output. When the input voltage returns to the normal operating range, the regulated power supply automatically resumes its output.

● Input frequency over frequency, under frequency protection

When the input frequency is higher than 70HZ or lower than 40HZ, the regulated power supply automatically cut off the output.

● Network protection (optional)

Optional RJ45 network protection module.Exclude the surge on the network to protect the ADSL broadband line terminal equipment, such as ordinary Modem, ADSL Modem, etc., to ensure the continuous transmission of data.

● Output voltage high voltage protection

When a fault occurs, resulting in the output voltage is higher than 250V, the regulated power supply automatically cut off the output.Output voltage back to normal range, the regulator automatically restore the output power.

● Short circuit / overload protection

Over-current switch protection, when the output short-circuit or overload for some time, the over-current switch on the button automatically pop open, cut off the input circuit.Unplain the fault, the over-current switch pop-up button, press The power supply can be used normally.

● Over-temperature protection

When the power transformer temperature is higher than the set value, the regulated power supply automatically cut off the output.

● Delayed output (optional)

According to the needs of customers and electrical equipment, to achieve the output delay function. Through the front panel to add a button switch to achieve when the switch output delay time, not pressed when the normal output. Set to your preference (default is 3 minutes).

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