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Radi Division GR2K rack | UPS uninterruptible power supply 2KVA 1600W standard with battery pack 10 minutes

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  • Brand: Reddy Division
  • Model: GR2K

Reddy Division (LADIS) Rackmount Tower Dual Conversion On-Line UPS Uninterruptible Voltage 2KVA 1600W 10 minutes

Model: GR2K Warranty: three years the whole Baohuan supply: usually spot

Power supply: 1600W Power supply: 10 minutes, half load: 20 minutes Supply: usually one computer can be used for one hour, one hour can be used for one ordinary computer, one computer can be used for one hour. . This model can be used for 8 general computers at the same time, equipped with USB, RS232 interface, and server communication, power off automatically shut down the server, automatic power supply, server set up with electricity, unattended, can control Multiple computer servers automatically switch machine.

Applicable objects: computer, server, storage, switches, routers and other network equipment, surveillance cameras, cameras, etc.