Hills MT1000S-pro UPS uninterruptible power supply | back-1KVA / 600W delayed 2 hours

Hills MT1000S-pro UPS uninterruptible power supply | back-1KVA / 600W delayed 2 hours

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: MT1000S-pro 2 Xiaoshi

Hills MT1000S-pro UPS uninterruptible power supply back-1KVA / 600W delayed two hours

Manufacturer: Hills Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Configuration list: 1, UPS host Shenzhen Hills SATAK MT1000S-Pro one, two, 65AH battery 2, 3, 2 65AH battery mounted battery box 1

Scope: The following configuration is for 600W power equipment used more than two hours, with ordinary computer servers, game consoles, office hosts, personal computers, televisions, stereos, laptop, monitor, routers, switches, etc.

Warranty: host three-year warranty, battery warranty for three years, guaranteed to be UNPROFOR by the mall. 1Months Inside Quality problems From the freight all by OUR Payments, Respectfully Please rest assured purchase!

Logistics and transport: As this product is heavy, General delivery choice logistics delivery, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei can be made express, transit damage, damage from the mall bear!

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Hills ups power supply



ups battery



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Technical Parameters
  • Application Environment: Personal PC | Office
  • input Output: Single in single out
  • power: 3KVA the following

Specially configured regulated output power outlet
MT series UPS is designed for high-end workstation users and network nodes are designed versatile Internet-type UPS. MT500 / MT1000 (S) respectively, with 800VA / 1600VA regulator output capacity, automatically adjusts the input voltage. In addition to protecting your computer, but it can add printer or scanner and other computer peripherals, to avoid the complexity of external connections, and surge protection equipment.

Wide voltage / frequency input
Input voltage range of up to 162 ~ 286VAC, especially for electricity adverse geographical conditions, it can be used with generators.

Wang Shi worry-free network protection
With RJ45 / RJ11 network protection interface, providing network cable or external modem, surge protection devices on the Internet, the effective protection of the safety equipment.

Intelligent Power Management
With DB- 9P computer communication interface, with Hills website to download for free WinPower2000 software can automatically save shutdown and UPS usage in real-time monitoring and management.

CPU integrated control
MT series UPS uses advanced CPU integrated control technology to more accurately and reliably detect the power failure, short circuit, overload, high and low voltage, power surges and other conditions, to provide comprehensive protection for the load.

NFB recoverable breaker
When the UPS overloaded just re-press the RESET button, no need to replace fuses.

Built-in high-quality Matsushita Battery
Panasonic uses the original high quality maintenance-free batteries, power lasting, stable and effective to improve the reliability of UPS.

1KVA long-term power supply design
Particularly suitable for use in areas long power supply shortage

type number


MT1000 (S)

Rated Capacity

500VA / 300W
Regulators + ups Export)

Regulated Output)

1000VA / 600W (Regulators + ups Export)

Regulated Output)

Input voltage

(162~ 286) VAC



220× (1±10%) VAC (Battery mode)


(50±1) Hz (Battery mode)

Panasonic VRLA batteries

Voltage /Capacity × Number

12V / 32W × 1

12V / 32W × 2

(Long machine is subject to external large capacity battery pack)

Standby Time (Half load)

≥6Minutes (depending on the model of long-term load ,The condition of the battery configuration)

Charging time


Network protection port

RJ45 / RJ11

Communication Port

DB- 9P

Input plug

GB 90plug

Output socket





physical dimension W × D × H

(mm × mm × mm)



weight (net weight ) Kg


Standard equipment: 8.3

Time-lapse machine: 5.0