GGS 4th generation | Canon 7d2 70D 4th generation King Kong screen | electrostatic adsorption LCD protective film

GGS 4th generation | Canon 7d2 70D 4th generation King Kong screen | electrostatic adsorption LCD protective film

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: GGS / King Kong
  • Model: Canon 70D
  • Size: Other
  • Item: four generations

important hint: ①.GGS fourth-generation classic electrostatic adsorption steel screen can be applied to the 'touch screen' and 'flip screen' camera, the use of the fourth generation of classic gold screen, to ensure that the screen has been completely cleaned, if bubbles, indicating that dust is not clean, this When the screen can be opened four generations of protection, re-clean the camera screen, until there is no bubble up.

The latest batch production film without 2 # plastic protective paper, please know!

②.Because the shoulder area of ​​the camera is too small, and there is a little arc, not electrostatic adsorption. Therefore, the film is the shoulder part of the tape is pasted paste, GGS gold steel manufacturers are professional R & D and manufacturing camera screen paste manufacturers, all aspects of technology Are very mature, four generations of King Kong screen is the technology advanced King Kong protection screen, so other small manufacturers brand King Kong screen can not shoulder screen electrostatic adsorption, we can rest assured purchase.

PS: Although the four generations of the screen can be reused, but in view of the operation of each buyer is not the case, we can not guarantee the number of re-use, the use of dust after the bubble caused by stickers or other personal reasons, the restaurant will not be held responsible, Please know!

installation method:

1. Wipe the camera screen with its own wet tissue, wipe off the screen with a complimentary fiber cloth;

2. Remove King Kong screen 2 # surface protection film stickers, plastic film stickers in the camera screen flat adsorption again;

3. Tear off the # 1 protective film stickers on King Kong's screen, align the King Kong screen with the camera screen, put down the King Kong screen and click the middle of King Kong screen, the screen will automatically adsorb and fit.

Product Name: Classic glass automatic glass adsorption protection screen
Material: Japan Optical Glass
Installation method: Automatic adsorption
hardness: 8-9H
Transmittance: ﹥90%
thickness: 0.3 mm ± 0.05 mm
Adsorption force: 130 g / cm2
Number of floors: 6 layers
To withstand the impact: 12 kg / cm2
Features: Anti-glare, anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-dust, anti-aging, anti-glare, anti-glare, anti-aging.

friendly reminder:

* Dust and dirt are the cause of bubbles on the protective screen, and the LCD screen must be thoroughly cleaned before installation.
* Red marked ① surface is the adsorption surface, to ensure that the installation is not installed anti.
* Do not press the protective screen before the protective screen is aligned with the LCD screen.
* The position of the protective screen can be adjusted by moving it, but it is not recommended to remove it for use in other equipment after installation.
* Installation Do not bend when removing the protective screen to avoid fragmentation.
* Glass film is a loss of products, Kaifeng can not be restored, non-quality, can not be returned.