GGS magic four generations | Canon 7d2 700D 70D four generations Diamond screen | LCD protective film film electrostatic adsorption

GGS magic four generations | Canon 7d2 700D 70D four generations Diamond screen | LCD protective film film electrostatic adsorption

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: GGS / Diamond
  • Model: Canon 70D
  • Size: Other
  • Item: four generations

important hint: ①.GGS fourth generation of the classic James Bond screen electrostatic adsorption can be applied to 'touch screen' and 'flip screen' camera, using the fourth generation of the classic James Bond screen, make sure the screen is completely clean. If bubbles appear, indicating that the dust did not clean it when the fourth generation protective screen can be opened again to clean up the camera screen until no bubbles up.

The latest batch production Plastic film without protective paper # 2, please knows!

②.Because the camera's shoulder screen area is too small, and there is a slight curvature can not electrostatic adsorption. Therefore, the shoulder portion of the screen is the diamond film strips pasted, GGS magic factory is professional development, and manufacturing in-line camera screen paste manufacturers, various aspects of the technology We are very mature, four generations Diamond screen is technologically advanced diamond protective screen, so other brands produced by small manufacturers will not be able shoulder Diamond screen electrostatic adsorption screen, you can rest assured purchase.

PS: While four generations of screen can be reused, but the situation in view of the operation of each buyer is different, we can not guarantee the number of reuses for lead dust after use due to personal reasons or bubble stickers crooked etc. We can not take responsibility, please be kept informed!

installation method:

1. Use the built-in camera wet paper towel to wipe clean the screen with fiber cloth to screen donated dry;

2. Peel off Diamond screen # 2 Plastic surface protection sticker, the plastic film sticker on the camera screen flat adsorption again;

3. Uncover Diamond screen # 1 Plastic surface protection sticker, the diamond screen and camera alignment screen, rear screen down Diamond Tap Diamond intermediate screen, diamond screen will automatically adsorption fit.

Product Name: Classic magic glass automatic adsorption protective screen
Materials: Japan Optical Glass
Installation: Automatic adsorption
hardness: 8-9H
Transmittance: ﹥90%
thickness: 0.3mm ± 0.05mm
Suction force: 130g / cm2
Number of floors: 6 layers
Withstand impact: 12kg / cm2
Features: Electrostatic adsorption without glue, anti-glare frame, touch screen / flip screen is available, no adhesive residue, explosion, collision, scratch, dust after removal, anti-aging.

friendly reminder:

* Dust and dirt are the cause of the protective screen of bubbles, you must thoroughly clean the LCD screen before installation.
* Red Flag ① surface adsorption surface, make sure Do not install upside down.
* The screen is not protected before being LCD screen, do not press on the protective screen.
* You can adjust the position of the mobile protective screen, but removed after the installation is not recommended to be used for other equipment.
* Do not bend during installation remove the protective screen to avoid fragmentation.
* Glass film belongs loss products, Kaifeng can not be restored, non-quality problems, will not be able to be returned.