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Red rice Note phone cover | red rice Note phone shell | red rice Note metal frame | enhanced version of the protective cover

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Product parameters:

  • (Metal frame + back cover) black hippocampus buckle red hippocampus buckle sky blue hippocampus buckle pink hippocampus buckle purple (metal border (metal frame + back cover) sky blue (metal frame + (Metal frame + rear cover) pink upgrade hippocampus button (border) this do not shoot == "" (lock screw frame) pink hippo buckle Tuhao golden hippocampus gray (metal frame + post Cover) red hippocampus buckle silver (metal frame + back cover) do not take this == "" hippocampus buckle green hippocampus buckle black
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Applicable mobile phone models: millet
  • Model: red rice note
  • Brand: Shuai Shuai
  • Model: red rice note metal frame

Red rice note (metal frame + back cover) combination of a new listing

The following is the hippocampus button (border without back cover) display