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H3C MSR2600-10-WiNet 10 Gigabit Ethernet intelligent management of enterprise-class routers

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  • Brand: H3C
  • Model number: MSR2600-10-WiNet
  • Network Device Type: Other

H3C MSR2600-WiNet Series Routers

product description

With the rapid development of network information technology, small and medium enterprises deeply feel the enormous market space brought by e-commerce and the convenience and efficiency brought by informatization office to small and medium-sized enterprises, more and more small and medium enterprises are constructing or expanding Its own office network at the same time, the characteristics of network equipment also made some demands, which are mainly reflected in the following areas:

  • Network function requirements.Export gateway equipment in a high bandwidth, performance and reliability, based on more attention to the export of traffic management and control, thereby enhancing the staff's office efficiency and limited export bandwidth utilization
  • Network security requirements BYOD (Bring your own devices)Network security border is broken, customers for the safety of network equipment put forward higher requirements, network access authentication to become an important means of protecting enterprise information security
  • Network management needs Customers need simpler, more automated management tools that simplify the configuration, change, management and maintenance of network devices and bearer applications, and automate the deployment and management of network devices to improve efficiency and reduce management costs

Faced with this opportunity and challenge, H3C Companies rely on more than 10 years of in-depth understanding of the network and the accumulation of solid technology, the development of the new MSR 930/2600/3600/5600Multiservice Routers. MSR 2600-WiNet Series router is mainly applicable to the single-point large-scale small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions such as office network export and large and medium-sized enterprise branch operating institutions and other application environment.The product can be in the smallest investment range for enterprise network integration solution, Fully meet future business expansion and management needs of diversified applications, in line with business IT Current Situation and Trend of Construction.

Product Features

Super-business processing concurrency capabilities

  • Using the industry's advanced network communications processor, combined H3C The company's advanced hardware and software technology to provide superior business concurrent processing capacity and excellent network experience
  • Forwarding performance: 600Kpps
  • Firewall performance: 900Mbps
  • VPN Encryption performance: 180Mbps

Fine business control

  • Through the fine recognition and fine control, the application layer services such as speed limit, bandwidth protection, filtering and other functions, and through the refinement of statistical guidance network optimization
  • Business intelligence routing Through asymmetric link load balancing and traffic intelligent load balancing, WAN bandwidth resources can be fully utilized in different scenarios, load sharing based on bandwidth ratio, load sharing based on users and user groups, Service and application load balancing
  • Supports flexible sharing of network bandwidth based on multiple modes, including flexible sharing based on services, resilient sharing based on users and user groups, link-based flexible bandwidth sharing, and user-based bandwidth limiting, and maximizing bandwidth resources

Rich business control and network security tools

  • Diversification of the firewall function: support packet filtering firewall, state firewall
  • A full range of built-in anti-attack means: support a variety of ARP Anti-attack, single-packet attack, scanning attack, flooding attacks and other means of prevention, support for traffic statistics to assist against attacks
  • stand by URL Filtering, support for black and white list function
  • Complete user behavior tracking
  • Supports WAN-based endpoint access defenseEAD)
  • Fine business identification and control
  • Application identification and control, support for multiple application identification, support including Citrix , Dhcp , Dns , Exchange , Ftp , h323, Sip and Http Such as nearly 100 kinds of agreements
  • Network traffic monitoring , And statistics and reports on network forwarding traffic

Comprehensive VPN network building capability

  • Support rich and comprehensive VPN Technology, including IPsec VPN , L2TP VPN , GRE VPN , ADVPN (Auto Discovery VPN ) , SSL VPN and GDVPN (Group Domain VPN)
  • Support a variety of application scenarios VPN Networking:

o IPSec over GRE , Support branches and headquarters to run between dynamic routing protocols and dynamic learning network topology, both to solve the branch and the headquarters of a large number of static road By the complexity of the configuration, but also to ensure the branch and headquarters of the business data security

O L2TP over IPSec , Between the client and network equipment to establish a secure two-story tunnel, remote office or travel personnel can be easily and secure access to the enterprise Department of the network

O GRE over IPSec , Support the branch network to use the dynamic address or the private network address and headquarters gateway establish VPN Tunnels, in ensuring the security of business data at the same time, You can also run dynamic routing protocols and automatically learn network topology

O IPSec Tunnel mode, through the support IPSec The dynamic routing protocol and the dynamic learning network topology are used in the tunnel to improve the efficiency of network bandwidth utilization.

O ADVPN , Support branches and branches, branches and the interconnection between the headquarters VPN Networking, VPN The tunnel is managed centrally by the central equipment, while also adding to the base User name and password authentication mechanism, the equipment configuration and maintenance more flexible and simple

O GDVPN , To achieve the key and security policy of centralized management, security is guaranteed at the same time, improve the network forwarding efficiency and enhance the network scalability and simple Of the management

O SSL VPN , stand by HTTP , TCP and IP Agents and other means, the client can directly use the browser to secure access to corporate internal network resources

High reliability

  • Link Millisecond Fast Fault Detection TechnologyBFD ), Can be achieved with the static routing, RIP / OSPF / BGP / ISIS Dynamic routing, VRRP And interface backup
  • Network Quality of Service Intelligent Detection TechnologyNQA ), Can be achieved with the static routing, VRRP And interface backup
  • Supports multi-device redundancy and load sharingVRRP / VRRPE)

Zero Configuration Deployment

  • Can be remote to dynamic address or NAT The devices behind the gateway are centrally managed
  • Can be achieved under the zero configuration mode batch device opening
  • Can be achieved through wireless SMS zero configuration of the device start
  • In the misconfiguration of the equipment can be automatically configured to rollback

Built-in WiNet intelligent network management platform

MSR2600-WiNet Device embedded WiNet The intelligent network management platform can realize the management of equipment and users within the LAN. Its main functions and features are as follows:

  • Support network topology automatic discovery and presentation
  • To achieve local user access security authentication and network access control
  • Support device and link fault alarm
  • All Chinese WEB Interface, friendly and intuitive, easy to operate

Typical networking

SME export gateway

MSR2600-WiNet As an integrated access gateway for small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, the router provides data networking within the enterprise and provides internal users with Internet access. WEB or FTP And other services.

Application of SME export gateway

  • MSR2600-WiNet The device is an integrated gateway for routing and switching. It has a built-in Gigabit Ethernet interface and can be directly connected to multiple PC Machine or other IP equipment
  • MSR2600-WiNet Device support 3GWireless communication can be adopted 3GConnect to the Internet.
  • MSR2600-WiNet The device is embedded WiNet Intelligent LAN management platform, LAN equipment can be achieved within the management and user access security authentication and access control

Government industry branch network

MSR2600-WiNet The router can be used as the access gateway of government branches, such as social security, street, industry and commerce, taxation, public security and so on. MSR2600-WiNet Equipment can provide a comprehensive security program.

The application of the branch network of government industry

  • Speak branch branch branch branch MSR2600-WiNet Equipment can be used with the headquarters of the convergence router ADVPN Way to connect to ensure data and access security, ADVPN Not only can achieve the communication between the branch unit and the higher level headquarters, but also can realize the communication between the branch units, in addition, the expansion is flexible and the maintenance is simpler and more convenient.
  • Headquarters adopted H3C company's BiMS On the branch MSR2600-WiNet The device implements remote centralized management and can perform zero-configuration deployment on the device
  • Speak branch branch branch branch MSR2600-WiNet The equipment passes through with the center IMC Server Enables Endpoint Access DefenseEAD ), To ensure that only meet the requirements PC Can access to the network

Enterprise integrated business networking

Small and medium enterprises can be used H3C All series WiNet Routers for integrated office business networking, the series of equipment to provide, including data, video, voice and fax, including integrated communications services.For the branch /Headquarters type of enterprises, branch offices MSR2600-WiNet Series as edge access devices, and with the headquarters MSR3600-WiNet Equipment interconnection, will be able to achieve real-time synchronization branch and headquarters office, to ensure that all aspects of the production efficiency.

The application of the branch network of government industry

  • Company headquarters MSR3600-WiNet , Through the WAN to connect the various branches, constitute the backbone of enterprise networks; branch used MSR3600-WiNet Equipment, through the Ethernet connection users, for home office and mobile office users such as access
  • WiNet Series gateway for users SIP Voice communication protocol, and support FXS / FXO / E1Such as voice interface type, so you can achieve emergency calls /Power-down help /Dialing Policy /fax / E-PHONE And so on VoIP Voice services
  • For branching MSR3600-WiNet Series of devices, not only through the Ethernet switch interface to connect the cable PC or IP Terminal, can also be adopted WLAN Realize the wireless access function, greatly facilitate the networking