The control SC103 | Attendance punch card machines | access one machine | TCP / IP communication | U disk to download ID Card

The control SC103 | Attendance punch card machines | access one machine | TCP / IP communication | U disk to download ID Card

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Attendance brand: Zkteco
  • Model: SC103
  • Attendance Type: proximity card (IC / ID / RF card) type
  • Color classification: the official standard (one year warranty) official standard (BS increase WAN function) official standard (BS software set to increase WAN) single open frame glass doors frameless glass door single open open double glass doors framed double open frameless glass door single open doors / fire doors / gates open double doors / fire doors / gates
  • Access authentication method: credit card
  • Service: Genius

Access control installation, the details need to contact customer service ~

(No contact or leave a message, the default is to install their own hair only machine)

product description:

SC103 is transferred from a high-quality international market, domestic, design distinguished induction access control / time and attendance system,Built-in webserver , Debugging using radio frequency communication PSK encryption and have a dedicated sensor to check identity cards, the security safe and reliable performance than no encryption proximity cards (such as EM), and then check the five password entered by the cardholder to provide a high for sure the exact equipment, automation and modernization of the access control security access / attendance monitoring professional management
In operation, SC102 provides three different ways to operate, one of the most convenient only card operation; the second is the most accurate sensor card + 5 digit password operation; the third is the most simple with only 1-5 cryptographic operations .
In terms of functionality, SC103 registration card available coercion or duress password when threatened, SC103 will be issued by the alarm system is connected and automatic dialing machines outwardly silent help. SC103 can be used to connect an external input and output interface system accessories, which can be accessed out button to open the electric lock and set a time period for the efficient operation, which can be accessed door magnet sensor when subjected to automatically alert signal when unauthorized forcibly entered and set a time for the efficient operation, such as connecting the broken glass door openers, when the case when emergency escape, may break the glass door is automatically open the electric lock to escape and alert signals. the connector fire alarm system, fire alarm signals immediately upon receipt automatically open the electric lock and alarm signal
On the management side, SC103 under LINUX platform development,U disk to download attendance records, with regularly scheduled public to the private people to send short message function . SC103 via the built-in backlit LCD display and backlit keyboard can be performed off-line operation, the machine itself can be stored than on record can also be managed through the computer operating system, the use of RS232, RS485 and TCP / IP communication performed
Quality SC103 obtained CE, UL, FCC, MIC international certification, the security requirements for high performance, excellent quality, reliable and stable user is the best option

Product Features

· 10,000 cardholders, 50,000 events
· Built-in 10cm RF card reader and LCD display
· Standalone or connected to a computer via RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces via a network connection type
* Independent RF card, RF card + 5 digit password, 1-5 PIN numbers and other authentication
* With U disk to download the record
· Who play regularly scheduled public to the private short message
* Independent RF card, RF card + 5 digit password, 1-5 PIN numbers and other authentication
· Additional reader port for the anti absconds to provide application
* Users can set their own anti-threat alarm card or password
Provides 50 time zones, 5 groups, 10 open the door combination, support multi-user access, and function keys more help management
· 16 backlit keyboard night operation
· Comply with UL, CE, FCC, MIC international standards
· Hardware design, using international popular POE design, professional anti-static and anti-jamming design, all of the input or output interface are overcurrent and overvoltage protection, with a tamper alarm and professional alarm, as well as the voltage and can programmable watchdog inspection, outstanding quality, and can be completely waterproof

Technical Parameters:

· Size: 100 (L) * 129 (W) * 40 (H) mm
· CPU: 32-bit RISC embedded CPU
· System Capacity: 50,000 cardholders, 50,000 events
· Authentication modes: single card, password + card numbers, passwords
· Reader port / data format: embedded 10cm Proximity Reader / 26BIT Wiegand; an external card reader port / 26BIT Wiegand
· Access control function: 50 time zones, 5 groups, 10 open the door combination, support multi-user access, 10A / 12VDC relay switch or voltage output
· Alarm function: tamper alarm, illegal door alarm, door did not shut the alarm and police hostage, and output all the way to trigger an alarm signal can be external alarm, warning light or alarm host
· Networking: Direct TCP / IP or RS485
· Other input: A group of door sensor and door button signal input
· Display, voice and keyboard: four lines blue LCD, double color LED indicator light, multi-language voice prompts, a 16-digit keypad
· Anti-submarine back: Yes (1 door anti absconds)
· Self Test: YES
Power supply parameters: four lines blue LCD display and color LED lights, Chinese or English voice prompts
Power supply parameter: 12V DC, standby current <50mA, working current <400mA
· Environment: Temperature - 15 โ„ƒ -45 โ„ƒ, humidity 10% -90%

ยทLanguage: Multi-language version
· Software: Support real time monitor access control software, fingerprint reader software and attendance software

Official standard:

Host specification screws and screwdrivers hanging pack CD plate ID card cable rubber