Phantom Wolf | 100 inch | 16: 9 screen Easy portability

Phantom Wolf | 100 inch | 16: 9 screen Easy portability

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: Phantom Wolf
  • Model: JY100
  • Curtain material: white plastic
  • Curtain type: Other types
  • Screen type: Powder curtain
  • Size: 51 inches (inclusive) -100 inches (inclusive)
  • Ratio: 16: 9

Purchase Notes:

The so-called simple screen means that the product is only a piece of cloth, no reels and no support fittings.


1) using double-sided tape or white glue stick on a flat wall or glass (Note: do not often win, likely to cause the curtain is not flat after use white latex paste is generally fixed no longer taken down) is generally used KTV because these affordable and are not afraid to be the best choice for the guests broke scrub is followed by a projection DIY enthusiasts are mostly surrounded by a little wall-wood or metal frame to decorate as have most of the questions, please contact the treasurer contact. Thank you first

(The default is no black bars without drilling. Black border to add money. Time to wait. Temporarily free punch

.. Dispensers strongly recommended with black edges. In fact, the black side is sprayed with black paint big taste Surrounded by wood or metal frame to go after a good decorative stickers Even more beautiful Simpler Direct black tape affixed to the side You can also paste the edge

White plastic curtain Sign: