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Ying Hui FO 120-inch 16: 9 4K high-definition electric pull-screen electric screen remote control 1080P home projection screen 3D

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Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: Ying Hui
  • Model: FO Series 120-inch electric pull-line screen
  • Screen material: soft screen
  • Curtain type: electric wire drawing
  • Curtain type: wall hanging screen
  • Size: 101 inches (inclusive) -150 inches (inclusive)
  • Proportion: 16: 9
  • Gain multiplier: 1.5 times

HD-4K effect screen (FO series) new listing, a special white screen gain 1.65, gray screen 1.2, viewing angle of 100 °, compatible with 2D / 3D, effect seeing is believing. (White, black, red), FO to do electric pull line curtain parameters have been HD01 series

The actual effect of the following chart quote from the 199 Forum Shaoyou screen shot FO frame special 180-inch white curtain

thank User ID: YNKMFUKUN (The screen for the HD01 sample for the latest special FOX-FOX screen): the real sample of the real shot can be seen from the real effect of the bright and bright.

2 months ago I heard that the new screen to be screened Hui, because I just finished renovation, next month to On the 180-inch 2.35: 1 high-gain screen (mainly large, but also to take into account the 3D), so to improve the attention, in June, Ying Hui really like a new screen, the new screen model F0 series, gain 1.65, Viewing angle of 100 degrees, compatible with 2D / 3D, no smell, last week, actively contact the film manufacturers provide samples for testing.

Sample 2 days after the arrival of the evening at the sample directly pasted to my 150-inch HD01 screen, a screen contrast!
First talk about the initial feelings:
1, as Ying-hui provides a small sample, also A4 paper size, so the screen can not represent the true effect of this screen, for reference only.
2, the sample to get, deliberately scrape together in front of the nose smell the smell, obviously a lot more than the HD01 smell, leaned in the smell is actually a little taste, but much smaller than HD01, remember when HD01, sitting on the sofa You can clearly smell the taste (sofa 4.5 meters from the screen).
3, the screen material is significantly thicker than the HD01 series to some, do not know made of electric screen, then, and HD01 will achieve the same 100% flatness (HD01 for the soft screen, feel F0 series screen material to be hard), frame , It is certainly no problem.
4, through the screen contrast, F0 HD01 in brightness than on the promotion of large, but also because of the increase in brightness,

Resulting in some light color, but when it comes to this really behind the scenes, it is necessary to use professional debugging tools to re-debug under the color of the!

The following is a preliminary screen photo, we can see.
By the way, about the following configuration:
1, the projection: Sharp Z30000
2, the screen: the sample is F0 (screen high-brightness small area that is F0), contrast screen is 150-inch HD01.
3, shooting equipment: Sony RX100 card machine, hand-held shooting, we will look good, huh, huh!

The picture above the local enlargement (in accordance with the original map shows), the clarity of feeling F0 was better than HD01 better, we think?

After all, we hope that there will be more Shaoyou new products introduced Moreover, the screen is now To the development of high-gain and large area!

July 10 update!
Curtain home a few days, as not moving, while the curtains have not yet reached the new house, it has not been installed, first put the home, so the first few pictures of fun!

Frame and curtain separate packaging, the length of more than 2 meters, on a word!

Zhang forming map again, just look at the figure is enough cool, until the curtains in place this week, began to install it!

July 15 update!
Just the weekend free time, began to install the curtain, because never played the frame screen, plus the curtain is too large, took 2 hours to install the frame (behind all the spring hooks all calculate a good number, and the big screen hanging Hole one one correspondence), the final installation of the screen when the spring hook, the use of four individuals to help, the final complete, sweating,,,, but the picture frame is 100% flat screen!
Installed visual test for 5 minutes, and regret it,,,,,, regret not on the 200-inch, obviously 180 or small ah ,,,,,,,, but unfortunately there is power, it seems there is a chance Toss 200-inch, quack!

In the middle of the black barrel is the big screen (the curtain rolled up in the middle, two foam and soft plastic filled),, the protection is very good, effectively prevent the extrusion and bump!

Assembled a good frame, in the middle there are numerous small spring hook!

Big curtain roll, ready to ring, so to see or is really big enough!

Installation is complete, you're done!

Flatness first-class,, frame is the frame!

Look, it becomes small, and,,, my 200-inch ah, and, continue to work it!
Note: The left side of the black area (showing a little) is my installed electric curtains, do not watch movies, the two sides to pull up the middle to effectively ensure that the curtain clean, installed after the electric curtains, and found the wireless remote was gone , & Lt;

, Only manually pull the next (the curtain also supports manual Oh, casually pull can automatically close), the main work next week, looking for the missing remote control
, , , !

July 22 update!
After last week 's installation, this week' s main job is to install electric curtains, pick to choose, and finally by his wife, call the shots, , After several twists and turns, and finally found in the cabinet of the wireless remote control, silent electric curtains really good, very grades Oh!

The above is with the consent of the buyer without the full text of the revised release.

A brief description of the equipment:
Projector: Sharp Z30000
Projection screen: Ying Hui 180-inch 2.35: 1 F0 screen
Playback Source: OPPO 103 (Ready to Upgrade 103D)
Camera: Fuji X-M1 and Sony RX100

Photography is limited, purely entertainment!

Off-topic: projection screen can only be taken as entertainment to see, and can not reflect the real effect, because everyone's theater environment, shooting equipment, photography, projector performance, color and color temperature settings, projection screen size, projection screen Material / gain, etc. are not the same, it can not simply take pictures according to the screen to determine the projector quality is good or bad, in short, screen photo to be a good entertainment, and see to give up!