Lethal artillery shelling day 120 inch | 16: 9 Portable | simple home projector screen cloth 2.65 * 1.49 m

Lethal artillery shelling day 120 inch | 16: 9 Portable | simple home projector screen cloth 2.65 * 1.49 m

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: Poner Saund / Lethal Weapon
  • Model: Lethal artillery shelling day 120-inch 16: 9 projection screen portable simple cloth home projector
  • Curtain type: Other types
  • Size: 101 inches (inclusive) -150 inches (inclusive)
  • Ratio: 16: 9

Purchase Notes:

The so-called simple screen means that the product onlyPiece of cloth No reel and no support fittings.

Size 9:: 120 inch 16 2650 * 1490mm


1) using double-sided tape or white glue stick on a flat wall or glass (Note: do not often win, likely to cause the curtain is not flat after use white latex paste is generally fixed no longer taken down) is generally used KTV because these affordable and are not afraid to be the best choice for the guests broke scrub is followed by a projection DIY enthusiasts are mostly surrounded by a little wall-wood or metal frame to decorate as have most of the questions, please contact the treasurer contact. Thank you first

First look at the baby introduced:

In front of white behind the black opaque have the effect oh

Most is so used KTV is the largest market for these little stickers to decorate four weeks oh beautiful and affordable

You can also choose to play four metal rings around the nail directly on the wall this is also a good way, please contact the buyer needs to remember with perforated treasurer oh

We need to add black side comrades can contact the treasurer, but it takes time to have parents who need time to prepare oh

Here are some of our top performing tests: may vary depending on the projector have little differences:

Teach you how to choose the curtain?

  1. Step 1. Select the screen in the form of: electric screen, wall screen, frame screen, pneumatic pull the curtain, seat-type screen, desktop screen, aluminum screen frame, screen perspective.
  2. Step 2. Select the screen format: the screen has a variety of picture formats, such as 1: 1, 4: 3, 16: 9, etc. You may need to choose according to the purpose of use, special specifications according to customer requirements to develop.
  3. Step 3. Determine the size of the screen to determine the ideal screen three elements:

1. Determine the width of the screen .A: The ideal viewing distance should be equal to the diagonal of the screen .B: the width of the screen can be calculated based on the diagonal of the screen: 4: 3W = diagonal * 0.80,16: 9W = diagonal line * 0.872.

2. Determine the height of the screen .4: 3 Format: Height = Width / 4 * 3 16: 9 format: height = width / 16 * 9.

3. The margin of space left in the installation screen leave space around the margin, the margin between the bottom of the screen 0.7-1.25M ground better.

4. Step 4. Choose the screen surface material: According to the screen surface material data, combined with your use of the projector brightness and the installation environment, choosing the ideal screen surface material.

Note: Due to different buyers regions and different modes of transport, so shipping costs are different, please buyers before buying consultation with the treasurer!

White plastic screen surface features:

Diffuse reflection screen surface, the effective scattering angle greater than 160 degrees, the brightness factor greater than 0.92, with good color reproduction, viewing angle large, soft light, long viewing fatigue, long service life. The use of advanced processing technology, the screen surface physical parameters stable attenuation, green screen surface material without any odor, good screen surface flatness.

About the black side:

Our simple black curtain side by default without black bars, Any special requirements, please contact us.

About Punch:

Please contact the treasurer

About Shipping:

Usually without black edges can be shipped the same day need the black edges and other comrades need to have time to prepare

Because for us, the black bars do have to wait for

On the sign

We will ensure the integrity of the screen at the time of shipment, the screen will certainly packed. Make sure to check the packaging is damaged, such as the packaging is damaged upon receipt, please check the screen is intact, if damaged, please refuse sign.