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UMI Korean cute cute 12-digit solar calculator function mini-computer science students

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Product parameters:

  • Product name: umi JSQ
  • Brand: umi
  • Model: JSQ
  • Color: pink KT (phone models) Doraemon blue (777) rectangular KT (303) pink KT (111) pink KT (777) pink KT (333) blue jingle (phone models) Doraemon blue (111) Blue Doraemon (333) KT head (2288) DD82 KT82 DD350 KT350
  • Type: Multifunctional solar-type handheld pocket-sized scientific function type other / other office portable office business type
  • Screen material: LCD
  • Maximum screen display digits: 16 digits

Product Name: KT / jingle calculator

As shown below

Colour: as the picture shows
summary: Super cute KT calculator, Fenfen and tender, usually learning office can bring you a happy mood Oh! 5 different calculators have their own function, are used ABS plastic, good quality, durable.