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First layer of leather belt leather women's dress dress women's fine belt Korean version of the wild belt with a dress

First layer of leather belt leather women's dress dress women's fine belt Korean version of the wild belt with a dress
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Width: 1cm
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: No
  • Brand: Fang Ming factory
  • Style: belt
  • Main material: the first layer of leather
  • Material Technology: smooth
  • Body element: light body hit color candy color jelly texture
  • Belt buckle style: needle buckle
  • Buckle Material: Alloy
  • Popular elements: smooth
  • Style: simple
  • Length: single lap
  • Applicable gender: Female
  • Color classification: silver long buckle yellow brown silver long buckle blue silver long buckle lemon yellow silver long buckle red gold round buckle brown silver long buckle white gold round buckle white silver long buckle brown golden buckle red silver long buckle green gold round buckle yellow Brown gold round buckle lemon gold round buckle blue gold round buckle black silver long buckle black gold round buckle dark green
  • Size: 105cm
  • Item: pk5008
  • Applicants: juvenile youth middle age

Simple fashion thin belt, delicate wild;

1cm three-dimensional body design,

Free to meet the needs of different seasons, with different fashion, different waist parts,

A four seasons Jiedi waist decoration belt,

Especially selected a rich beautiful color decorated this season clothing,

Wild accessories,

Spring and summer wear a skirt and ultimately a thin belt, in the rich with the same time, with the belt to modify the body is the embodiment of its functional expression. Thin belt system emphasizes the high waist position, so that can effectively stretch the leg lines, Let you in the dress under the help of the immediate high up

'About the smell 'The first layer of leather from the leather of the original skin, although after degreasing, tanning and other processes, there will still be the existence of the smell of leather, like the smell of fur people will feel skin, and some people will say that smelly or pungent. So the buyer will reflect the smell, so this statement: new cars, new clothes, new shoes will have the smell of new things, the belt is the same, the smell of leather is the evidence of the material with the leather. Feeling a big smell, hang the shade at a few days, it slowly light, For those who are sensitive to the smell, please contact us! Only pu belt, no taste, product phase perfect!