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Export Type Tube EC-2 | Yellow Wire Tube Pipe 4 × 0-9 A-Z (3.6-5.2mm)

Export Type Tube EC-2 | Yellow Wire Tube Pipe 4 × 0-9 A-Z (3.6-5.2mm)
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: YL
  • Model: EC-2
  • Material: PVC
  • Diameter: 16mm

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product description

EC-type pipe made of PVC, to prevent frying and other material erosion, temperature to 85 ℃
Suitable for all kinds of large and small network room (especially air-conditioned room, this is the most suitable) is not easy to brittle off, the font permanently clear.

Construction: the number of pipe into a concave-shaped, flexible, so do not worry about the top of the line will be easy to loose the problem!

0-9 10 numbers and A-Z 26 letters can also be any combination, to build a set of clear, easy to identify the network room!

Model: EC-2

Quantity: 500 pieces

Optional number : 0-9 (10 digital numbers), A-Z (26-character number tube), (+)

You can write the required number or letter on the note

Specifications: EC-0: 0.5-1.5 mm2, Applicable to diameter 1.5MM ~ 3.2MM.

EC-1: 2.5 mm2, Applicable to diameter 2.6MM ~ 4.2MM

EC-2: 4 mm2, Applicable to diameter 3.6MM ~ 5.2MM

EC-3: 6-10 mm2, Applicable to diameter 5MM ~ 7.2MM