Changhong FS-101 Fuse Holders | Fuse base | bottom case | Lintong retardant | Rail LIGHT delivery pipe

Changhong FS-101 Fuse Holders | Fuse base | bottom case | Lintong retardant | Rail LIGHT delivery pipe

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: CHEO
  • Model: FS-101
  • Fuse Current: 10A
  • Material: Alloy

FS series fuse blocks reading before you buy

Taobao everywhere cheap, low quality counterfeit FS fuse holder, the price is less than one third of us, price is higher than the safety and quality requirements of customers, please do not shoot (baby do not negotiable, meager profits, please forgive me). Large only do wholesale.

Restaurant sales FS fuse holder patented, A grade material (fire-retardant plastic, phosphor bronze) products, non-market FS Class B fuse holder (not common flame retardant plastic, brass, iron pieces) products.

Knowledge engineering plastics

Gradually more and more plastic instead of metal, glass, ceramic applications in the automotive, aircraft, electronics and other industries. For those materials exposed to high temperatures, the flame retardant has become increasingly important.

With the progress of polymer synthesis and processing technology, engineering plastics have penetrated into all areas of people's life and production in a variety of applications, flame-retardant plastic material for the application is an important performance indicators, and some plastic additives, such as halogen-containing flame retardants {TodayHot} because of the possible environmental and human health hazard potential, so as to solve this problem, Changhong FS series fuse abandoned the application of these plastics additives, those in favor of the choice itself engineering plastics with flame retardant properties.

A flame retardant polymer also typically has a number of other good properties, such as strength, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, etc., but these materials are generally more expensive than those materials do not have the flame retardancy, however, require both high performance and high flame retardancy applications need these resins to flourish these polymers include: polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyetherimide (PEI), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) , polyphenylene sulfone (the PPSU), polyether sulfone (PES), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), and liquid crystal polymer (LCP) other polymers such as:. PVC, modified polyphenylene oxide (PPO), etc. have a certain flame retardancy, but requires a certain amount of an additive to strengthen this performance.