No bra brim thin section women large size fat mm bra gather thin chest full cup big chest significant chest underwear

No bra brim thin section women large size fat mm bra gather thin chest full cup big chest significant chest underwear

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Italian Mandia 8809
  • Time to market: Spring / summer 2014
  • Brand: Italy Mandy
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Ref 8809
  • Color classification: black champagne teeth white
  • Size 70B 70C 70D 70E 75B 75C 75D 75E 75F 80B 80C 80D 80E 80F 85B 85C 85D 85E 85F 90B 90C 90D 90E 90F 95B 95C 95D 95E 95F 70f
  • Cup style: full cup
  • Cup thickness: ultra-thin cup
  • Cup lining: cotton
  • Cup lining content: 95% or more
  • Fabric commonly known as: Lycra fabric
  • Shoulder strap style: fixed shoulder strap
  • Hasp row number: after three rows of hasp
  • Insert: No insert
  • Whether the steel ring: no steel ring
  • Bra style: V type
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: lace edge
  • Function: gather
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Suitable for: young women
  • Bra Style: Sexy
  • Flank lining (content): nylon
  • Flank fabric (content): nylon
  • Bra series: no steel ring was small series

How to choose the size:

This size standard, it is recommended that you usually wear the standard to adjust the type of bra code to shoot on it.
Odd code and subcode corresponding: 32 = 70, 34 = 75, 36 = 80, 38 = 85, 40 = 90,42 = 95,44 = 100 (you can get 95 yards plus a buckle on the line)
Like the loose MM, the cup can take a larger size.This cup is chest chest is a small design than ordinary bra wearing a small chest to one to two cups.

Limited time-limited activities, what is still hesitant, at least first to buy two first try ah!

The good news is that I have no sponge without rims

This is what we have been selling No steel ring full cup cup bra

Large size large cup health and comfort full package of small chest, no steel ring without oppression, is ideal for fullness of women / sports and leisure / postpartum mother / physiology / breast hyperplasia / pregnant women and so on.

No steel ring on the health of the breast, the past few years have been found to be friends
This bra is ultra Thin models, No age limit, especially suitable The pursuit of comfort Of the MM and More plump MM, like exercise MM, pregnancy or lactation MM, the pursuit of comfortable and healthy MM, breast hyperplasia and other breast problems MM
Lace fabric lace more feminine, please avoid nails, dead skin or protruding foreign body scraping hook to the fabric
If you do not accidentally hook to a point, you gently to Cengceng can shrink back to the oh