Feng Dequan early childhood literacy cards Children | Child literacy Card | baby No Picture flashcards full set 0-3-6 years old

Feng Dequan early childhood literacy cards Children | Child literacy Card | baby No Picture flashcards full set 0-3-6 years old

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: FENG 'S ZAOJIAO / von Preschool formula
  • Model: De-full early childhood literacy cards
  • Whether there is sound: silent
  • Is there a shopping guide video: Yes
  • Material: Paper
  • Literacy Card Type: Card type
  • Age: 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years
  • Color Classification: 10 double-sided word cards 1000 characters send Guidebook literacy method + + 20G Early Learning Resources

According to God you (our customers) reflect, 20G Early Learning resources have been uploaded to the cloud disk, URL, and extraction code is appended to the kind of product inside. If you have questions, please contact us!

Solemn promise, 15 days no reason to return the product to witness the strength of 4.9 . Authentic assessment look back, not fraud, De-full double-sided printed plastic cards 10 literacy, Hot explosion models 64297, map with the truth ! More than the equivalent of more than 3,000 full set of 1000 kanji characters. Why? Because this is not just a phrase more sentences, culture Support logical thinking, creative thinking, is far from being an ordinary word cards can not be compared.

1. Why literacy?
Through literacy can Two train capacity First reading ability. The second is memory.
Why reading ability? (1) Baby literacy, enhance memory by reading to truly understand and learn to run use. (2) to give the baby to bring joy to read, thereby improving the baby's interest in literacy. (3) reading can increase the baby's knowledge, at the same time improve the baby's ability to understand. (4) Read the story Books and other children's books can shape your baby's personality.
Why can improve memory? Scientific research shows that baby literate, using the left brain memory, each word in the baby's brain is Glyph exists in the form of pictures, mechanical memory belongs baby literacy is one good way Duanlian Memory.
2. Why no picture flashcards?
Many parents often encounter this confusion: Why card baby picture flashcards to recognize the word, the word to the book do not know that? Because when the baby picture flashcards with, much attention has been drawn to the colorful pictures on, when the main memory to remember the image, rather than shape, so look away Figure literacy card after not know the word, so really no map literacy literate to use the card, the baby's attention focused on the glyphs on this point, in order to truly remember remember the simplicity of this After literacy, the emergence of this word can be recognized elsewhere.

3, why FIG Wundt no use flashcards?

First, Professor Feng Dequan black and white concept made literate.
Second, Professor Feng Dequan send an instruction manual.
Third, through interactive games to achieve the purpose of child literacy, passing fun learning real science.
Fourth, sending early education resources 20G.
Fives, Use of environmentally friendly lead-free Ink Printing. Ink is clear, strong stability, do not fade, parents and children can safely use.
Sixth, a word card ten, 285, more than 1,000 Chinese characters, the equivalent of 3,000 words, because he can make sentences. Develop logical thinking ability.

The company won the 'Early Education Research Association of Guangdong Province' awarded 'president of the unit certificate' It has been highly positive in early education in this regard.

This word cards is the company after study focused on the introduction of early childhood products. Mom can rest assured that you buy for the baby!