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'Off code clearance' | military outdoor tactical pants men loose loose cotton trousers pants and more trousers overalls

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Sold quantity 3025
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: 51783
  • Item: City special trousers
  • made in China
  • Suitable for: male
  • Material: Cotton
  • Pants Length: trousers
  • Pants type: Straight
  • Size: XS (30) S (31) M (32) L (33) XL (34) XXL (36) XXXL (38)
  • Color: Wolf brown olive green
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Applicable season: Four Seasons
  • Market price: 588
  • The price range: 201-500 yuan

October 2015 Batch:

Changes are as follows:

Replacement of the new plant than the factory before the pure processing fee is 20 yuan higher. Processing fee is 20 yuan. Processing fee is 20 yuan.

More stringent workmanship, the details of the deal than the previous batch is no longer a grade on the.

Replacement of the accessories, three zippers are replaced by YKK zipper before the placket single root YKK, D-ring replacement for more resistant brand

Pants than before slightly adjust the overall width of the new batch is more concise and capable.

Finishing areas:

Fabric soft processing, washing solid color processing, the whole big hot treatment. Do business conscience

More importantly: 158 yuan, the price is very high.

51783 A worthy collection of shops!