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Beautiful earrings Korean version of titanium steel earrings round ball fashion jewelry rose gold ear bone nail anti-sensitive small gold beans ultra-fine needle

Beautiful earrings Korean version of titanium steel earrings round ball fashion jewelry rose gold ear bone nail anti-sensitive small gold beans ultra-fine needle
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Top really
  • Color classification: Earrings are the price of a super-fine rose gold ball 3MM an ultra-fine rose gold ball 4MM a superfine pink gold ball 2.5MM a super-fine black ball 2.5MM a superfine Gold ball 2.5MM a fine gold ball 4MM a fine silver ball 4MM an ultra-fine black ball 4MM a fine silver ball 3MM a fine silver ball 2.5MM a superfine 3MM an ultra-fine round ball 3MM a black ball
  • Material: titanium steel
  • Pattern: stars / sun / moon / cloud / universe
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Whether the spot: spot
  • Condition: New
  • The price range: 30-39.99 yuan
  • Item: edtg26
  • New strange: fresh baked
  • Inlay Material: not mosaic

Parents: Please read carefully before buying the following, so as not to misunderstand

Earrings are one of the price (if you need a pair of please shoot the number 2)

Ultra-thin rod = rod rough 0.8MM Long pole 5.5-6MM and ordinary earrings as thick

Super-fine earrings 0.8MM ear hole fine friends can wear no allergies do not fade

Titanium steel earrings ultra-fine earrings 0.8MM not allergies do not fade work well-off non-ordinary technology comparable color, the model can be selected

Name: ear nail

Material: titanium steel

Color: Silver Silver Black Rose Gold

Size: ear nail needle thick 0.8MM rod length 5.5MM ball 2.5MM 3MM 4MM

Features: professional large manufacturers of production, fresh baked, the overall titanium steel to create, high quality, excellent workmanship. Features are not allergies do not fade does not fade the same type

Titanium steel, also known as stainless steel, English: Titanium steel, to indifferent texture and always light it is widely used, its characteristics, resistant to strong acid, alkali resistance, do not change color, not allergies, hard, no deformation, Medical, luxury, luxury watches, pens and industry, and so on.
No matter how the time gone, Titanium is still with its unique cold existence, will never change, no matter how you wear, still exudes cold Jun white, insist on its eternal clumsy.
Titanium steel jewelry in recent years gradually popular, it is resistant to high temperature corrosion resistance, the surface will not change because of the environment, long-term wear to be able to maintain the luster and smooth at the same time titanium metallic luster and platinum gloss is very close, both elegant, But also has a modern sense. Titanium steel jewelry maintenance and cleaning is also very easy, not in strong acid, alkali environment, do not need to deliberately maintenance. Simply free. Titanium steel jewelry has a good corrosion resistance, heat Sex, its hardness is higher than silver, suitable for processing simple style and no distortion of the problem.

In the maintenance is very simple, only need to use a careful cotton cloth to keep the light.If the surface of the dirty, you can use warm water and take a fine cotton cloth neutral detergent gently wash, clean and then dry.