4 Korean version of titanium steel rose gold earrings Ball fashion jewelry ear bone screw bean ultrafine needles Harmonie Oscars

4 Korean version of titanium steel rose gold earrings Ball fashion jewelry ear bone screw bean ultrafine needles Harmonie Oscars

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: top real
  • Color Classification: earrings are an ultra-fine price rose gold rose gold ball 3MM a superfine ball 4MM an ultra-fine gold rose a thin rod golden ball 2.5MM 3MM a thin rod golden ball ball 4MM a superfine golden ball golden ball 4MM 2.5MM an ultrafine an ultra-fine silver ball 4MM a superfine black ball 4MM an ultra-fine silver ball 3MM an ultra-fine silver round a ball 2.5MM 3MM a superfine superfine golden ball a black ball 3MM
  • Material: titanium steel
  • Pattern: stars / Sun and Moon / clouds / universe
  • Style: South Korea
  • Whether the spot: Spot
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 30-39.99 yuan
  • Product Number: edtg26
  • Strange new: freshly baked
  • Mosaic Material: Unmounted

Pro: Please read the following carefully before you buy, to avoid misunderstanding

Earrings is a price (if you need one pair please take the number 2)

Superfine lever lever length = 0.8MM thickness 5MM

About the thickness of a thin rod = 1MM 5.5MM lever length

Ultrafine 0.8MM Ear pierced thin friends can wear not allergic do not fade

Ultrafine titanium steel stud earrings are not allergic do not fade 0.8MM Ear workmanship comparable non-ordinary process color models can be selected at random

Name: earrings

Material: titanium steel

Color: Black Gold Silver Rose Gold

Size: earrings long needle bar crude 0.8MM 5.5MM 2.5MM 3MM 4MM ball

Features: Professional large manufacturers, freshly baked whole titanium steel building, quality, workmanship is characterized by inflammation does not fade is not allergic to the same type.

Titanium steel, also known as steel, English: Titanium steel, indifference texture and bright forever known for its wide range of uses, its characteristics, resistance to acid, alkali resistant, not color, not allergy, hard, no distortion, which is used in bright. medicine, luxury, expensive watches, pens and industrial and so on.
No matter how the passage of time, titanium steel is still indifferent to its unique existence, it will never change, no matter how you wear, still exudes Lengjun white, adhere to its timeless execution humble.
Titanium steel jewelry is gaining popularity in recent years, it is high temperature corrosion resistance, high hardness, surface does not change because the environment, are able to maintain long-term wear shiny and smooth, while metallic titanium steel and platinum luster is very close, both noble and elegant, but also has modern titanium steel jewelry maintenance and cleaning is also very easy, is not in strong acid, alkali environment, there is no need to specifically maintenance simple random. jewelry made of titanium steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, its hardness is higher than silver, suitable for processing modeling simple style instead of a deformation problems.

On the maintenance is very simple, just use fine cotton cloth to keep bright. If the dirt on the surface, you can use warm water and take meticulous cleaning cloth dampened in a mild detergent and gently after washing to dry.