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Haier Refrigerator Haier / Haier BCD-521WDPW

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Haier / Haier BCD-521WDPW
  • Time to market: 2014-4
  • Refrigerator freezer Brand: Haier / Haier
  • Haier Refrigerator Model: BCD-521WDPW
  • Freezer chamber volume: 178L
  • Refrigerated room volume: 343L
  • Net weight: 98kg
  • Packing size: 730x980x1890mm
  • Noise: 42dB
  • Stacking layer limit: 1 layer
  • Size: 905x655x1790mm
  • Total capacity: 521L
  • Total capacity range: 501-600 liters
  • Whether the frequency: non-frequency conversion
  • Smart Type: Smart is not supported
  • Maximum capacity: 521L
  • Gross weight: 111kg
  • Power consumption: 0.98Kwh / 24h
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Refrigerator freezer models: refrigerated freezer
  • Cooling: air-cooled
  • Door structure: two-door type
  • Panel Type: PPM
  • Energy efficiency rating: a
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Color classification: white space-time shuttle
  • Cooling control system: computer temperature control

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