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Solid door locks indoor bedroom door lock European wooden door lock simple door handle solid wood locks silence Carroll

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: solid friends
  • Model: KW003
  • Handle Material: Zinc alloy
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Cylinder material: zinc coated copper
  • Adaptation door thickness: 35-45MM
  • Function: lock indoor door
  • Center distance: 50mm
  • Lock margin: 45mm
  • Panel material: zinc alloy
  • Brushed Silver 'Crystal Black Diamond' Crystal Diamond Plated 'Brushed Gold' Crystal Diamond Plated 'Brushed Silver' Static Single Lock Body 'Titanium Black Gold' Mute Lock Body 'D Style - Brushed Gold' Crystal Diamond Plating '
  • Marble material: copper
  • Lock tongue type: three bolt
  • Open the door direction: Universal
  • Yes No Key: No key with key