Sega car warning triangle | Auto Tripod car parking security card annual breakdown of reflective GB

Sega car warning triangle | Auto Tripod car parking security card annual breakdown of reflective GB

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Sega
  • Model: standard tripod
  • Classification of warning signs: warning triangle
  • Color category: standard tripod-full metal bracket (send: stop sign + electrostatic stickers)

Please look: full metal bracket · Super solid

"Product brief"

Car open in road inevitably has need emergency docked roadside of situation, then this stuff can on useful has, regardless of is day, night or weather bad of when, as long as put it put in car Hou number meters far of place on can advance warning from behind open drove to of vehicles, for why is reflective type, so night has light warning brand on is bright is striking, big far on see has. Folding reflective triangle warning sign when not in use can be folded together and easy to carry, use open when placed in the car, you drive out the necessary safety supplies.

"Product features"
1, imported reflective material manufacturing
2, reflective in the 500 m strong
3, through the EC ECE-R27 certification
4, through the Ministry of public BGA184-1999 standard
5 by State economic and Trade Commission CMVDR127
6, implementation of GB19151-2003 standard

"Instructions for use"

1, the use of packaging failure out of the box when warning signs, hand to hold the bottom, bottom support on both sides of the opening. Open signs placed on the ground, pulling up on the left, reflecting plate insert the PIN on the right-left reflective pieces opening the tank bottom.

2, open warning signs reflective face failure fault car car rear direction, why place point vertical signs and left rear vertical surface 5 °, Highway fault car rear 30~ placed in 100 meters, highway placed at fault car 100 metres behind.

3, stop when used by former left back in the reverse order when the opening and support feet, then put in the box. Charge signs protected the Red reflective surface and light, to avoid scratches. About connection and open reflection film, should push or pull in the direction of the slot, so as not to damage signs.

Baby size: width 42.5cm* high 42.5cm (1-2 cm measurement error)

Baby weight: 0.5KG