Y-12900 Star shield fertile 12V lithium polymer battery | 9000mAh lithium-ion | new back-up power

Y-12900 Star shield fertile 12V lithium polymer battery | 9000mAh lithium-ion | new back-up power

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Star Shield fertile
  • Model: Y-12900
  • Suitable for: lighting

Environmental / safety / high-capacity polymer lithium battery advantages, but has been subject to the material / technical and other reasons, the price remains high. In recent Material / technology breakthrough, the electric car / bike / unicycle balanced car and medium-sized consumer goods the rapid development of small devices with the same habits to solve the power lithium battery capacity problem.

In the field of security, wireless / mobile / handheld / cable and other surveillance, access control, wireless / wired alarm host probe, intelligent home, and so on; in the field of model aircraft, in the lighting field, the in-vehicle navigation and positioning, in the wild environment; these numerous applications enumeration. is the traditional lead-acid battery replacement product.

Note: If a large quantity can be customized to the desired size and needs of the current size, and the other to talk about cooperation.

Model: Y-12900

Overview: Battery capacity 9000mAh 12VDC head interface output male / female charge (two-way power supply can simultaneously output) Input Output Current ≤2A side with switching output 12V input 12.6V

Size & Weight: 106 * 60 * 27mm, 0.332Kg


1, there is a need to open the switch to charge or electricity, no switch is plug and play;

2, the charger has dual lamp single lamp no light, not too to manage change in him, because the use of stable overload overvoltage circuit protection. If the protection circuit cut output, we sometimes need to switch or re-plug the transformer to recover ;

3, the series is not the battery start-type battery, not for high-current device is activated;

4, we use the technology and use, regardless of the input and output, Charging can supply , Without cell conversion, such as a conventional dual-lamp surveillance cameras, using 1A charger uninterrupted power supply to the camera;

5, with other lithium batteries, we do not expose it to high temperatures above 60 degrees, do not squeeze too much, not to disassemble him, piercing him, he deliberately short-circuited;

6, after the retirement of recyclable garbage belongs.