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YSN-12480 Xingwo shield 12V lithium battery | 4800mAh lithium-ion battery | New backup power supply

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  • Brand: Star wave shield
  • Model: YSN-12480
  • Suitable for: lighting

Environmental / security / large capacity is the advantage of polymer lithium battery, but has been subject to material / technology and other reasons, prices remain high in recent years material / technology breakthroughs, electric vehicles / bicycle / wheel balance cars and other large and medium-sized consumer goods Rapid development of small equipment, the same habits with lithium batteries to solve power capacity problems.

In the field of security, wireless / mobile / handheld / wired and other monitoring, access control, wireless / wired alarm probe host, intelligent home, etc .; in the field of model, in the field of lighting, in-vehicle navigation and positioning field in the wild; Enumeration is the replacement of traditional lead-acid batteries.

Note: If the volume is large, you can customize the size and size of the required current size, and talk about cooperation.

Model: YSN-12480

Overview: Battery capacity 4800mAh 12VDC head interface output / charge input and output current ≤ 1A side with a switch input 12.6V output 12.6-10.8V

Size Weight: 98 * 60 * 22mm, 0.175Kg


1, the need to open the switch to charge or electricity, no switch is plug and play;

2, the charger has a single lamp without a single lamp lights, do not go too much to control his changes, because the use of a stable overload over-voltage short circuit protection. ;

3, the series battery is not a start-up battery, do not use for large current device startup;

4, we are using and technology, regardless of input and output, Charging can also be powered , Not through the battery conversion, such as conventional dual-lamp surveillance cameras, 1A charger can be used to uninterrupted power to the camera;

5, with other lithium batteries, we do not put a long time above 60 degrees high temperature environment, do not over-extrusion, not to dismantle him, puncture him, deliberately short-circuit him;

6, after the waste is recyclable waste classification.