Canon camera bag SLR package shoulder bag original camera bag 700D750D70D80D6d600D760D100D

Canon camera bag SLR package shoulder bag original camera bag 700D750D70D80D6d600D760D100D

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Canon I LOVE EOS
  • Brand: Canon / Canon
  • Canon camera bag Model: I LOVE EOS SLR camera bag
  • Color classification: Big Blue - medium gold - small gray - medium Meng Meng strange green light green small yellow scenery small sprouting Meng Meng strange red 1200D special light blue landscape - small dark blue - medium M & M Purple Purple - Small Red - Medium Denim Blue Original Package New Black Medium Original Package Blue Landscape Medium New Blue Medium Red Landscape Medium Orange Landscape Small Black Gray Edge - Large
  • Style: shoulder bag
  • Material: polyester
  • Style: Simple

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Genuine genuine package, the national point of any Canon warranty inspection.

1, Can be equipped with the corresponding model of a machine two mirrors; package inside, there is a lens split cushion, you can divide the package into two parts; installed under the lens and body;
2, you can install a Tablet PC, Medium package Can be installed 10-inch Tablet PC, Small package Installed within the Tablet PC 7.9 inches;
3, medium package With tripod tape , You can hang in the bottom of the tripod tripod;
4, the top design Quickly take the machine zipper , You can not open the case of the package, quickly remove the machine; top can also be installed inside the memory card, data lines and batteries and other small objects in the net pocket;
5, the bag is very thick Earthquake-proof material;
6, the use of plastic buckle and Velcro Dual anti-theft design;
7, the package On both sides of the net bag Can be installed cups umbrella;
8, the package has a front pocket with a collection, Can be loaded into small items such as mobile phones and wallets;
9, the camera bag cover, designed a drooping side, you can completely cover the zipper, which To prevent dust from entering;
10, on the back of the package design Can be fixed to the luggage on the trunk or back;

Small package , external dimensions 23 centimeters long * 14 centimeters wide * 18 centimeters tall , EOS-M2 and other camera sets (one machine one mirror) plus 7.9 inches within the Tablet PC and so on.There are gold, gold, silver, gold, Green, purple.

Medium package
, external dimensions 29cm long * 16cm wide * 23cm high 70D, 50D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D and so on in the high-end SLR camera (a machine two mirrors) and 10-inch IPAD, etc. There are light gray, dark blue, Color, sky blue, bright red;

Large package
, Original authentic, Canon EOS professional custom version of shoulder bag, 38 cm (length) x 16 cm (width) x 26 cm (height)Can be equipped with a machine two mirrors, but also within the 13-inch notebook or tablet, with a tripod with a cloth, the bottom of the tripod in the package, the top design quickly take the machine zipper, do not open the case package quickly remove the machine, The use of plastic buckle and Velcro double anti-theft design; on both sides of the net bag can also be equipped with umbrellas, etc., to send waterproof cover

Canon SLR Camera Bag Original Triangle Shoulder Bag 60D / 70D / 600D / 700D / 1200D Camera Bag

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