Photosynthetic 12V38AH lead-acid batteries | solar maintenance-free battery | UPS battery backup power lights

Photosynthetic 12V38AH lead-acid batteries | solar maintenance-free battery | UPS battery backup power lights

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: photosynthesis
  • Model: GH-38
  • Application object: suitable for lighting

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated capacity: 38AH

Size: 197mm width: 165mm height: 175mm total height: 180mm

Weight: 12.8KG

Seller reminding: our heavier baby, the default transport Why losing freight, delivery requirements!

Product batch is different, slightly different appearance, delivery to warehouses when the current product order!

UPS uninterruptible power supply, alarm system, emergency lighting, telecommunications, electric power systems, power plant Switch control and accident treatment of uninterrupted system of Bank, telephone and telecommunications equipment, electric toys, fire protection, security systems, Medical equipment, solar systems, marine equipment, control equipment, electronic devices and other backup power.

1) using the battery slot cover, pole double-sealed design without leaking acid
2) adsorption-oxidation efficiency of the glass effectively control moisture loss of the battery, so the whole battery usage No water or acid supplementation in maintenance
3) safe, seal, flame retardant single exhaust system, does not leak during the using process does not occur Fire
4) using computer precision design of low calcium alloy grids, gas production was greatly reduced, and can be easily recycled, Extend the life of the battery
5) thick plate, lid, heat seal bonding, multi cell batteries battery installation and maintenance economy
6) weight than high energy, internal resistance is smaller, high output power
7) charge-discharge characteristics high self discharge control below 2% per month (20 c)
8) restoring performance, in deep discharge or charger failure, short-circuit after 30 days, you can still charge to recover its capacity
9) temperature adaptability, can be used-40~50℃ safety
10) balanced without charge, due to the internal resistance of the battery, capacity, good uniformity of floating charge voltage, the battery during use without Take balancing charge
11) in the electrolyte is absorbed on a special partition, does not flow, prevent emission can be established, lateral, or side placement
12) full factory, no free liquid electrolyte, can be carried out in a non-hazardous materials water, land transport

1) how long does delivery take?
Answer: because the battery is too heavy, express insecurity, we unified logistics, goods will be sent to the local logistics Terminal Goods, in General require time longer than the courier, depending on specific places.
2) this mode of delivery is it safe, taking the will being going?
A: pick up when my phone number and card verification, shall personally receive, logistics companies have multiple surveillance videos, according to Provide evidence
3) goods are broken, lost, how to make fake?
A: as a result of damage, loss, rejection, logistics company in accordance with the regulations for compensation. Also don't understand online customer Service, or contact us by phone
4) encounters an event of force majeure, not receive delivery how to do?
Answer: contact the online customer service temporary extension of time of receipt, truth, must give the buyer a satisfactory answer. If it is a personal non- Law reasons, the owner will at all costs, provide evidence, traced by way of law. Both justice
5) when battery needs to be replaced?
Answer: a) starter motor speed or stop
B) engine when you are running the dashboard shows the battery ' discharge ' time
C) batteries in cold environments or extended boot time case
D) lowered speed
E) idling state next headlights bright enough
6) how to replace a battery?
Answer: themselves when replacing the battery, first remove the negative pole, then remove the positive, when installed, first positive and negative, polarity is not reversed
A. methods for extended battery life:
1) battery installed in the car should be strong, reducing vibration
2) always check battery cables are secure, all unions to maintain good contact to prevent Sparks, Battery explosion. Battery clamp-n-oxide, sulfate, blown away, and coated with Vaseline to prevent corrosion
3) often removing battery cover of dust, dirt and spilled electrolyte, kept clean and dry to prevent self discharge
4) seal crack repair
5) cars driving in the cold area, to avoid battery discharge to avoid electrolyte freezing
6) to prevent battery over charge or lose power for a long time, overcharge will cause electrode active material shedding, lack of electricity makes plate curing, Regulator voltage too high or too low
7) to prevent battery high current discharge for a long time, each time with a starting time cannot be greater than 5 seconds
B. how to identify quality batteries?
A look at housing. Exquisite, no Flash, battery side mesh skeleton; Two-stage cylinder. If used will be Mark, this is the way to determine whether reviews are used directly.
C. battery essentially represents the weight of the lead content, a heavier battery higher lead content. Battery prices are decided by the content of lead, Value of lead battery value of 70% as a whole. Same type, description of the weight the high content of lead, battery life will be longer
D. different types of battery, the voltage is the same, and storage capacity are not the same. Under the same load conditions, the output current is the same as Only continuous discharge is not the same, Volume 10% about difference, has no effect on vehicles and the use of headlights are
E. often in city driving, often run high speed is recommended every six months on a single charge (completely full why), the battery can be used at least 2 years (maintenance, then you can use 3-4)
F. battery damage often occurs in the season of summer and winter. Summer car used power consumed when the air conditioning is relatively large, long Idling can lead to battery depth of discharge, even if fully charged, does not meet all battery power, will affect battery life. In winter, due to the lower temperatures the battery reacts slow discharge speed, slow charging, if frequently initiate and often idle, causes the battery to always rush dissatisfaction will shorten battery life
G. themselves when replacing the battery, first remove the negative pole, then remove the positive, when installing first cathode and an anode.

H. Prevention of oxidation of battery poles, can spray some threads on top convenient agent.