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Flamingo counters genuine | double eyelid / false eyelash glue | multi-purpose eyes with double-paste glue

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Product parameters:

  • Net content: 7ml
  • Double eyelid Product Category: Other
  • Brand: flamingo
  • Double eyelid glue single product: other
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Efficacy: Waterproof


Flamingo US eye with more glue

in country
3 years

Practicality, durability

Has good affinity, adhesion, practicality and durability, and Apply thin layer after coating.

Affinity, adhesion

Has good tack and quick-drying properties to make it yours Lasting effect.

Apply to the skin: any skin

For the crowd: all skin types

This product can also be used as sticky false eyelashes: false eyelashes coated with appropriate amount of glue along the eyelashes roots gently press false eyelashes, hand press for about 10 seconds, so true and false eyelashes completely blend

Because the glue afraid of the cold, so the pro-local temperature if less than zero, please do not buy glue Oh, will freeze, and there is no way to freeze the friends, trouble pro attention Oh!

This product is mainly used for sticky double eyelid and sticky false eyelashes, with good affinity, adhesion, practicality and durability, smear all comfortable, and thin layer after application, but at the same time has a very good Viscous and quick-drying, so that your makeup to maintain a full day.

1, on the makeup before the first clean eye skin, and keep the skin dry.
2, in the upper eyelid according to the amount of glue you need to aim.
3, wait a few seconds and then open your eyes, with Y-shaped stick in the makeup at the upper and lower gently press, fold the fold for the initial double-fold.
4, and then pulled up from the corner of the eye, with Y-shaped rods pull out the eyes line, can pull once or twice, in order to achieve the desired effect can be practiced three or four times this step
5, if you want to eliminate eyeliner, you can use a cotton pad dipped in oil to wipe the eye makeup.

According to past experience: cosmetic packaging changes often! If the packaging has changed without notice Oh! Manufacturers change the packaging does not inform us, you tell us when we will know there is a change in Oh, we are brand stores, are sold Original authentic, leave a compensable 10, the packaging is changed and the use of the product without any relationship, so packaging and pictures do not match the requirements for the return of all blackmail.