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Antarctic thermal underwear sets children's clothing baby boys and girls children Qiuyi plus thick velvet autumn and winter

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Antarctic people
  • Safety Class: Class B
  • Material Composition: Cotton 91% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 9%
  • Color: pink plaid Panda West Point Grey Zi Hui orange rabbit light blue rabbit rose rabbit love Mei West Grey Green Grey Orange Purple Grey Bear Fruit Green Green Green Rose Red apricot pale blue turmeric West
  • Product Number: N513T83111
  • Reference Height: 90 recommended height 65-79cm 100 recommended height 80-89cm 110 recommended height 90-99cm 120 recommended height 100-109cm 130 recommended height 110-119cm 140 recommended height 120-129cm 150 recommended height 130-139cm 160 recommended height 140- 149cm 170 recommended height 150-159cm 180 recommended height 160-170cm
  • Underwear texture: cotton cloth
  • suitable season: winter
  • function: to keep warm
  • To apply a gender: Neutral
  • Panties Age: 11-13 years of age 1-3 years old 3-5 years old 5-7 years old 7-9 years old 9-11 years old