LOYOL adult diving mirror superficial supplies | all dry snorkeling snorkeling equipment snorkeling Sambo mirror set

LOYOL adult diving mirror superficial supplies | all dry snorkeling snorkeling equipment snorkeling Sambo mirror set

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: LOYOL / leisure travel
  • Item No .: s2526
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 436
  • Color classification: 1526 black blue + S14 two-piece set 204 near-sighted mirror + S11 tube message 1526 black and red + S14 2526 dark blue + S14 two-piece set 1526 black silver + S14 two-piece set 2526 blue yellow + + S14 two-piece set 2526 water blue + S14 two-piece set 1526 powder + S14 1526 yellow + S14 two-piece set M01 black yellow + S14 yellow tube two-piece set M02 black and yellow + S14 yellow tube
  • Sports Outdoor: Diving
  • Time to market: 2016 summer

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Diving mirror leakage test:
Some people wear water after diving in the process, only two reasons:
1. Your face is a special face - very narrow, can only wear children's or young people's style (eyes can not exceed 8CM)
2. If the face is a normal face, that is wearing the problem.
Silicone mirror with a mirror can not be too tight, to feel comfortable.Because there will be pressure to the water under pressure mirror (think Le too tight will face seal silicone mask deformation, edge will tilt, how Can not water, wearing comfortable underwater pressure will naturally face the mirror and face close).
Wearing too much, the lips of the site cover too much, there is a slight move of the mouth into the water, there is a possibility, with the top of the nose after the mirror do not breath, nose breath will cause fog within the mirror, Between the mirror and the face gap, water.
In the diving process as far as possible to keep the facial muscles less active or inactive, so as to avoid water infiltration to know any one can not guarantee that different people wearing a mask 100% water without water.

Diving mirror fog:
As part of the diving mirror is not anti-fog layer, when the underwater temperature is large when the mirror will fog, the other is the nasal breath will fog, the solution is sprayed within the mirror anti-fog agent, or follow the professional uniform Apply some saliva on the inside of the mirror.