LOYOL adult snorkeling goggles supplies | all dry breathing tube suit snorkeling equipment snorkeling Sambo mirror

LOYOL adult snorkeling goggles supplies | all dry breathing tube suit snorkeling equipment snorkeling Sambo mirror

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: LOYOL / swimming
  • Product Number: s2526
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 436
  • Color Category: 1526 black two-piece blue + S14 + S11 204 myopia mirror tube message degree black and red 1526 blue 2526 + S14 + S14 + S14 piece suit piece suit 1526 black and silver 2526 Ying Huang + S14 2526 pipe two powder + S14 + S14 piece suit piece suit 2526 light blue 1526 yellow 1526 pink + S14 + S14 + S14 piece suit M01 black and yellow black and yellow yellow tube piece suit M02 + S14 yellow tube
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Diving
  • Time to market: 2016 summer

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Goggles leakage test:
Some people wear after diving in the water, there are only two reasons:
1. Your face is a special face - very narrow, worn only child or teen models (two widest no 8CM)
2. If the face is a normal face, that is the problem of wear.
Silicone-based polygon mirror with not too tight, to feel comfortable, because there will be pressure compacted underwater mirror (Imagine Le too tight and will face seal silicone mask Le deformed edge will tilt, how can not water, wear comfortable against underwater pressure will naturally mirror and face close).
Wear too, the lip parts cover too much, there is a little water into the mouth of a move, there is a possibility to bring the mirror after the nose do not exhale, exhale nose will cause fogging inside the mirror, it can also lead to surface a gap occurs between the mirror and face the water.
Try to keep the facial muscles during a dive less active or inactive, so as to avoid water infiltration. To know that any one of the goggles can guarantee people wearing different masks is not 100% water.

Goggles fog:
As part of the no-fog goggles layer, when the temperature difference is large underwater mirror would fog, another case will nose breath fogging solution is sprayed inside the mirror-fogging agents, or even emulate professionals apply some saliva on the lens inside the polygon.