1.5MM scratch diving gloves gauntlets adult men and women anti coral diving gloves snorkeling swim gloves slip

1.5MM scratch diving gloves gauntlets adult men and women anti coral diving gloves snorkeling swim gloves slip

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: DIVE & SAIL
  • Item No: DG-001
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 65
  • Color Classification: A yellow gloves blue M S gloves A glove A pink gloves S L A blue rubber gloves pink dot S dot gloves pink gloves black S M dot dot dot gloves glove black M black L
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Diving
  • Time to market: Spring 2013

Tourism and leisure and entertainment resort swimming diving

Colorful hot summer day, a celebration of one's vitality, joy party on the beach, that's youthful cheer

Imagine with the blue sky, the vast ocean, natural light blue and white, grasp the color tone of the entire beach

Main color candy like fresh pastel color, love, dots, stripes, dynamic fashion cartoon

Combined with the popular multi-layered laminated skirt, girls lively and dynamic performance

Make you invincible youthful spread from the bustling metropolis to a bright warm summer beach

Diving gloves, neoprene diving material comfortable elastic good magic belt buckle

Of course water! However, due to the different products use different production process, so cold in the water temperature alternating frequency are not the same!

Q: water insulation also how to die?
A: Insulation works wetsuit is heated by body temperature between the skin and the wetsuit sandwich of cold water and warm water diving suits to protect this layer is to play after warming does not drain, so that the body temperature in the water yet, achieve warm function. This is like winter wear thick clothes to prevent the loss of warm air!

【Product Features】Winter swimming supplies by reducing the surface is the surface of the water cycle in order to achieve the purpose of insulation. Baby itself is made of wetsuit material, impermeable to water, but because liquid water is, there is a little gap cuff will leak into it, it is impossible to ensure that the baby is completely waterproof watertight. but even water, because the water is no longer flowing into the water inside is warm socks oh ~ bought friends are aware of the extent of its wear comfortable and warm to swim!

Winter Swimming essential, great value ~