YonSub professional goggles | anti-fog mirror | all dry breathing tube suit | diving equipment snorkeling Sambo

YonSub professional goggles | anti-fog mirror | all dry breathing tube suit | diving equipment snorkeling Sambo

Product description:

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  • Brand: Yon Sub
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Item No: YM370
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 168
  • Color: blue mirror + full trunk yellow polygon mirror + full dry tube red + black mirror full dry tube + full trunk red single single blue mirror mirror mirror single yellow single black mirror
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Diving
  • Time to market: Fall 2014

Goggles use: Before use goggles fixed position in the face, after wearing slightly push the lens, and then pull the headband to the back of the head position at 45 degrees, to prevent loosening. Tuning headband comfortable to state, too tight or too loose will cause seepage. to wear the forehead hair away to avoid water seepage. depressor when external pressure causes increased extrusion, water must be excluded in order to avoid facial injury. at this time blowing the nose slowly, then slowly return to normal conditions. when the mask of water, head slightly upward, press and hold the top of the mask, nose blowing water slowly exclude the goggles affixed to face the right position to remove the safety goggles: Hold the binocular site gently goggles back up and then remove the bypass forehead. Goggles mirror Knowledge: Mirror may be readily acceptable in diving equipment products, because friends will swim with a swim in swimming glasses to see objects in the water. Of course, goggles and the mirror looks very different, the difference is that the mirror is to wrap the entire nose, and goggles only covered her eyes. one of my friends saw the mirror, he asked me 'nose in it, let me how to breathe it'. in fact, even in swimming, we also his mouth instead of your nose to breathe, more precisely, we only use the nose breath, but should never inhale. so when diving, why not use goggles to replace the mirror ? when do you swim, if you sneak about two meters of water, the first thing you will feel the weight of your ears underwater pressure sore, which react with the aircraft taking off and landing is the same; the other hand, goggles also is tightly pressed on the eyes, there is a feeling of ocular hyperemia; sometimes, may the body of gas vomited enough, the bottom of the water pressure would come from bare nose, little time, there will be a little choked water swimming technique is not good for most people, mirrors played a certain role in protection - protect the eyes and nose; mirror other specialized functions: ear pressure balance in the water, due to the internal and external pressures unbalanced, causing the expansion of the air inside the ear, the ear of oppression, resulting in pain. in order to eliminate this pain, we need to make ear pressure balance. how to do it? very simple, pinch your nose, do a nose woke action force, At this time, the air will be discharged from the ear, so oppressive disappeared, ears also it does not hurt anymore. so, snorkeling and scuba diving with the nasal mirror, there will be forced out of the nose recess, convenient Yong Shounie live.
Glasses are generally good with a food grade liquid silicone (silicone) production press box edges, good mirror is making extensive use of silicone. Silicone formerly known as silicone, softer than rubber, non-toxic and tasteless, for mirror press box skirt, even in the deep sea, it does not produce pressure, while at the same time, to ensure the mirror silicone sealing performance, easy to leak. lenses are generally tested by the pressure of the glass, so that it will not risk of water pressure is large.
Mirror use and maintenance
After the new mirror hand do not rush to use, and do not wear a headband, directly to the mirror buckle in the face, the hair, etc. away from her apron in the mirror and make sure that no other material sandwiched apron and face between the Department, against your face, and then inhale, not leaning with both hands, bowed his head, if the mirror from the face off, or stop the suction illustrate mirror quality problems. If you do not fall off, indicating that there is no problem then polished with toothpaste on both sides of the mirror glass, transparent and remove the trademark sticker on the glass, do not worry will wear mirror glass flowers, glass mask is a high strength steel hardened glass, if the glass surface would wear flowers Description of the quality of the mirror there is a big problem, either plastic or plexiglass manufactured without quenching prohibited the use of mirror glass, to prevent cut his face. careful selection of qualified buyers before buying. diving wear before the mirror coating spray a little water in the lens when not wearing goggles mask down to the hair, not down to the nose, sniff goggles will not fall before locking headband, headband adjusted to a comfortable state, will be right to wear well.
Maintenance: after use, soak in fresh water for an hour and then rinse again, do not Bo drying in the sun, shade and air-drying swimwear can do together long soak, do not have anything to mask to mask so as not to crush. .