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YONSUB / swim | diving mirror full dry breathing tube suit adult snorkeling Sambo mask large field of vision

YONSUB / swim | diving mirror full dry breathing tube suit adult snorkeling Sambo mask large field of vision
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  • Brand: Yon Sub
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Item: YM370
  • made in China
  • Tag price: 168
  • Color Category: Yellow Mirror + Full Dry Tube Red Mirror + Full Hair Dryer Black Mirror + Full Dry Tube Red Single Mirror Blue Single Mirror Yellow Single Mirror Black Single Mirror
  • Sports Outdoors: Diving
  • Time to market: Fall 2014

Diving mirror use: Before using the diving mirror in the face fixed position, wear soft after the lens, and then pull the headband to the back of the brain position to 45 degrees, to prevent loose. Adjust the head to a comfortable state, too tight or too loose will cause Seepage. Wear the forehead hair when you wear, so as not to cause water seepage. Submerged when the external pressure will cause squeezing, must be excluded from the water to avoid injury to the face at this time the nose slowly blowing, and then slowly return to normal. When the mask water, the head slightly up, press the top of the mask, the nose slowly blowing the water will be removed, the diving mirror posted to the right position of the face can be safe to remove the diving mirror: gripping binoculars Gently sweep the diving mirror up around the forehead and then removed. Diving Mirror Related Knowledge: The mirror may be diving equipment easily accepted products, because the swimming friends will be swimming with a pair of swimming glasses in order to see the object underwater.Of course, goggles and mirror looks very different, The difference is that the mirror is the whole nose wrapped around, and the goggles only covered his eyes, one of my friends saw the mirror, asked me 'nose inside, let me how to breathe'. In fact, even in the When swimming, we also use the mouth rather than the nose to breathe, more precisely, we only use the nose to breathe, and never should inhale. So in the diving, why can not use goggles to replace the mirror When you swim, if you sneak into about two meters deep underwater, first of all you will feel the pressure under the pressure of your ear pain, which is the same as the aircraft takeoff and landing reaction; the other hand, goggles Also be tightly pressed in the eyes, there is a feeling of eye congestion; sometimes, the body may be enough gas spit enough, the bottom of the water from the naked nose into the pressure, very few times, there will be A little choking water. For most of the swimming technology is not good people In addition, the internal and external pressure imbalance, resulting in the expansion of the air inside the ear, oppression of the ear, the production of the eye and the nose, And to eliminate this pain, we need to do the ear pressure balance. How to do it? Very simple, pinch the nose, forced to do a wake up the nose of the action, then the air will be discharged from the ears, so oppression Disappeared, the ears will hurt.Therefore, snorkeling and scuba diving mirror used in the nasal cavity, there will be pressed out of the nose groove, easy to hand pinch.
Good diving mirror is generally made of food grade liquid silicone (silicone) pressure box edge, and a good mirror is a large number of silicone production. Silicone was originally known as silicone, softer than rubber, non-toxic and tasteless, for the mirror Of the pressure box skirt, even in the deep sea, it will not produce a sense of oppression, while at the same time, silica gel can guarantee the sealing performance of the mirror, not easy to leak the lens is generally tested by the withstand voltage test glass, so that will not Water pressure is dangerous.
The use and maintenance of the mirror
Do not rush to use the new face mirror, do not put on the headband, directly to the mirror in the face, the hair and so on from the mirror of the apron poke, and confirmed that no other material caught in the apron and face Between the Department, close to the face, and then inhale, and do not have both hands leaning, bowed his head, if the mirror from the face off, or non-stop breathing instructions that there are quality problems, if not off, that there is no problem And then use toothpaste to polish the sides of the mirror glass and remove the transparent trademark stickers on the glass, do not worry about the glass of the mirror will be polished, the glass is made of steel quenched glass high strength mask, if polished the glass surface Indicating that the quality of the mirror there is a big problem, or plastic or plexiglass manufacturing, not quenching the mirror glass is strictly prohibited to use, to prevent the cut of their own face before buying carefully selected qualified buyers. Before the mirror spray a little water painted in the lens, wearing a diving mirror when the mask can not be pressed to the hair, can not pressure to the nose, forced suction diving mirror will not fall to lock the headband, the headband to adjust to a comfortable state, only Be sure to wear properly.
Care: After soaking in fresh water for one hour and then rinse again, do not dry in the sun, cool air can dry. Do not swim with swimsuit for a long time, do not have any items pressed to the mask to avoid crushing the mask The