Stab diving gloves | non-slip wear warm winter swimming scratch Adults Children Velcro | snorkeling equipment supplies

Stab diving gloves | non-slip wear warm winter swimming scratch Adults Children Velcro | snorkeling equipment supplies

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yon Sub
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Product Number: YQ13
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 52
  • Color Classification: Black XXXS Children Children Children black XXS XS Black Black S Black M Black L Black XL code
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Diving
  • Time to market: Winter 2013

Uses: Waterproof and anti-female role and hands were cut coral protection warm winter swimming diving for travel time, the palm is made of non-slip material

Special Features : This glove, fine workmanship, wearing flexible

Diving hands need protectionAt a temperature warm waters have to protect hands against the sharp coral and jellyfish tie to cut . General knit gloves in between the threads sparse gap can not be prevented through stinging cells, so get relatively End Full protection. This material glove is a better choice if you travel diving!

Uses:Waterproof and anti-female hands are used to cut coral diving tourism role, palms made of non-slip material.

We dive special gloves used in professional diving material but is 3MM thick slip resistant type.

This has a very tough and long-term durability features, easy to wear with thicker parts of the palm and fingers slip and tailoring material suitable for underwater production, protect hands from being scratched and has strong protection.

YonSub Tips:
A, 3MM diving gloves, socks, sunscreen winter swimming suits, the material itself is impervious, but because the water is liquid, cuff a little slit will leak into it, it is impossible to ensure that the baby is completely waterproof watertight. But even water, gloves and socks into the water inside is warm warm Oh! bought friends are aware of the degree of protection to wear comfortable warm it slightly to swim. Winter swimming essential, considerable value to!
Second, the need to protect the hands and feet when the winter swimming in the warm temperatures and waters have to protect the hands and feet cut portion to prevent sharp objects. Usually knit gloves socks weaving between sparse line gap can not be prevented through stinging cells, so not more complete protection.

Dive protection principle:
First, diving gloves socks are wet, the material itself is waterproof, but from the cuff, car suture the gap will be water, but in winter the water below will not feel the cold, do not go out after water, film formed on the skin.
Second, the principle is Paul warm, wear close contact with the skin, preventing the body around the water cooler with the outside water convection, which can keep the body temperature, play-warming effect, which can effectively prevent the water film layer cold water convection, used wetsuit knows.
Third, 10 meters underwater diving gloves and socks are this, and cold water layer is 3 m or less, and even more do not worry about Paul warm winter swimming issues, even minus 40-50 degrees, the Northeast winter swimming team are using this way, break the ice directly put on winter swimming.

Paul warm winter swimming product principle (winter swimming team use experience)
1, the product waterproof it? Swim drying process which is it?
YonSub: product watertight, but not water during the swim will be moist inside.
2, since it is not waterproof, how Paul warm it?
YonSub: According to the principles of physics, thermal convection, contact with body parts water, will have a direct heat exchange contact surface - fast flowing water body will take away a lot of heat, this time if there are winter swimming product isolation, reducing the frequency of heat exchange, save the body's energy. in short, winter swimming product will form a film of water temperature close to the body, so as to achieve the purpose of Paul warm.
3. What material is it winter swimming product?
YonSub: Material is neoprene neoprene (wetsuit for the production of synthetic rubber and other elastic sub-ordinary SBR and super bombs SCR), it is characterized by oil, fire, resistance to oxidation and ozone-resistant properties, has a good overall performance.
Winter swimming products What are the specific purposes?
YonSub: waterproof and Paul warm winter swimming or diving for the role, but also can be used to protect warm cold climates when water addition when working a job, you can scratch.